Gavin Rossdale Reveals How Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington’s Deaths Are ‘Connected’


Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale discussed performing “Leave Out All the Rest” with Linkin Park at their Chester Bennington memorial concert in a new Loudwire interview.

“It was incredible and incredibly sad. It was those two things mixed all in one. As a father I just feel so terrible for his children. His family, his wife and I think of Chris Cornell with this subject, it’s connected. The most powerful element is the effect on the children and the family, and the wife. So that I find really, really sad and then you come into this situation where you have this honor of playing, singing a song and trying to not mess it up.

It’s such a poignant song and it’s an ode to suicide. Singing that song and not messing it up, I was just so nervous and I just really really just couldn’t even function the previous week. I just had job to do and I wanted to honor his memory and honor the song and the band and that’s what I did. I tried to get the song right. I was a very small part of a massive night and my job was to find a way do it right and honor Chester. Weirdly, that goes hand in hand – I didn’t honor Chris on that specific night, but it was hard to not have Chris far from my mind.”

  • Plutarch X

    Father took the shotgun exit strategy when I was 10. Although I recognize the incalculable tragic toll it took on me and my siblings and the family and friends; despite those shockwaves through hearts and time–I respect that you had the right to take yourself out Father.

    • Karen

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  • Krystal Corio

    No one has the right to take a life including yourself except GOD. He gave us these lives and the right to live them however we choose but he is the ONLY ONE that has the right to take it, my close friend took her life and to be honest I was MAD as hell at her did she consider the toll it took on me and her family???

    • HippieChic61

      Suicide is not the product of wanting to die, rather it is the perception of not being able to live.
      They hurt so badly that our pain doesnt even occur to them.

      • Trovoid

        You said it. A lot of people take suicide to be a selfish act but anyone who is that disillusioned with life can’t rationalize anything at that point. They generally aren’t trying to hurt others and sometimes even think nobody would care. If they do know others care then the pain they are feeling is so severe that they can’t find the strength to stick around for people. There’s always anger and guilt associated with those mourning a suicide. People just have to realize that ending our lives goes against our every instinct. Being in that place is a new level of low that most people can’t even fathom. Severe depression or psychosis can take you to a breaking point. Whoever hasn’t been there can consider themselves lucky and refrain from judging others. And Krystal doesn’t wanna get me started on the whole god and religion debate.. We all share different beliefs. Nobody has to live up to your own moral code. Faith doesn’t mean facts.