Howard Stern Reacts To Awful Red Hot Chili Peppers Remark


Howard Stern reacted to Robin Quivers making an embarrassing Red Hot Chili Peppers remark on a recent show. recapped: After the break Fred played Red Hot Chili Peppers ”Give it Away” as they were coming back. Howard said he likes this song. He let it play for a short time. Robin asked who it is. Howard said he knows who it is. He said it’s Red Hot Chili Peppers. Robin said alright. Howard sang along with it a little bit. Howard said he’s like Michael Anthony and just comes in at certain parts. He waited for the ”give it away, give it away, give it away now” part to come so he could sing along with it.

Howard said he’s like that DJ Kahlid. He said he’s a hype man. Robin said he just says his name though. Howard said that’s right.

Howard took a call from a guy, Scott, who said in the past he’s told us about this douchy guy who hit on Beth and asked why she’s with him. Howard said that’s happened with a bunch of guys. Scott asked if it’s in the book. Howard said he didn’t put stuff like that in the book. He said he can think of 3 guys who have been really creepy with his wife. He said they just hit on her while he’s standing there. He said they have no respect.

Scott said he has a song that should be on his playlist. He said it’s a Hendrix song called ”Once I had a Woman.” Howard thanked him for the call and asked who cares.

Howard said Hendrix made a bunch of songs that the family released after he was gone. He said they weren’t that good. He said just listen to the Experience album. Fred played some of the song the caller mentioned. Howard told him to turn it off.