Geddy Lee Reacts To Rock Hall of Fame Disrespecting Rush


Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Rush will be getting a celebratory moment once again from The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame as January 19, 2019 will be Rush Fan Day- an event that will see members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson attending.

Rush were inducted into the Hall in 2013 though they started way back in 1968.  Geddy Lee appeared on the Eddie Trunk Show to talk about a variety of topics including the band’s reaction to years of snubbing.

“It was a pretty big day and it really caught me by surprise because I think for so many years we’d gotten a little cynical about it because people kept bringing it up and it was never happening so we sort of just moved on and didn’t think about it.”

But Geddy and the band had a defining moment on the day of:

“Even right down to the day we were going we were all goofing around and making light of the moment, but when we sat in that room and from the minute Jan Wenner even intimated that we were being inducted, the reaction from the crowd; I mean they wouldn’t stop for about 10 minutes.  Well, it felt like 10 minutes but it was shorter.  It really took us by surprise, and took the wind right out of us.  From that moment on, it became a very sort of emotional day.  I think we sorta got the gravity of the moment if you know what I mean. But it’s a very powerful memory for me; one that I appreciate.”

Rush were inducted into the Hall back in 2013 after 20 years of waiting and with their fanbase having a reputation for lifelong dedication, in a small way, it’s like the Hall is inducting their fans as well.  With a purchase price of $125, fans can have access to the Hall itself, Geddy Lee’s new book Geddy Lee’s Big Book of Beautiful Bass, [he will be signing], and they can attend a Geddy Lee interview conducted by Alex Lifeson.

It seems like just yesterday Foo Fighters’ members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins took to the stage to praise and induct one of their favorite bands and for many, it was long overdue.  Now Rush fans can once again rejoice.

Geddy Lee also discussed recently claiming Neil Peart had retired.

“I notice that people seem to glom on to certain phrases that come out of our mouths and make a lot of it. But I thought that was understood from the day that Neil left the band. He wasn’t leaving the band to pursue other musical instruments; he was retiring because the rigors of the job were too much for him. And now he’s not playing at the moment and he’s spending more time teaching his daughter how to play than anything. So, yeah, it really wasn’t a big clarification to me, and I think people have sort of over-exaggerated the reaction to that, ’cause that’s sort of how it’s been.”

He was asked if he wants to make new music: “I really can’t predict what I’m gonna do next musically. Invariably, I think I will find myself in my studio. It’s really about, now that the book is done, I need to get back in touch with the musical side of myself and see if there’s something that’s motivating me to… Do I have something to say? And we’ll see how it goes. But I don’t wanna make any guarantees that I’ll do something again musically. But I would say that having those basses staring at me is a good motivation to get back on the horse.”

He was also asked if he would like to continue making music with Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson, “Well, I certainly wouldn’t count it out. I joke that he’s my BFF, but he pretty much is. I mean, we talk all the time, and we’re still as close as we ever were. I’m sure there’ll come a moment where we’ll at least jam, if nothing else. So, who knows? I wish I could tell you for sure, but I can’t.”

  • MWPP294

    Who cares? Rush sucks bigtime.

    • HippieChic61

      I get it, Music is subjective,but Rush has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide, and their streak of consecutive gold and platinum records is topped only by the Beatles and the Rolling Stones!

    • Tim Palmer

      Well, their fans care…. and there are a lot more of them than you. And I’m willing to bet two things, one, those same millions of fans think it’s your opinion that actually sucks. The other thing is those same fans are likely to give you an old fashion ass whooping should you decide to express your opinion in a room full of them.

    • mikesmaddie

      I will have to disagree with you about that.

      They are not only one of the greatest Canadian bands but also one of the greatest bands period.

    • Phil Anthony

      Poor fella, you must have accidentally wondered off from the Britney Spears page and ended up here. I wish you a safe journey back to where you belong.

    • rushrule

      Nice try at trying to stir the pot. We’re used to it, so it’s like water off a duck’s back. No one cares what you think.

    • Three Lane Wayne

      OK Ryan Seacrest… You can go back to the world of make believe now.