Gene Simmons Daughter Backside Grabbed In Photo


Gene Simmons’ daughter, the ever so talented and ravishing Sophie Simmons took to social media to post what the KISS daughter is dubbing a fright night date night” on social media. Here, a ghostly ghoul at a local haunted house is getting a good scare out of the purrfectly sensational songstress – and yes, indeed, Simmons was wearing the same fetching cat costume that we have previously reported on before. Meow-meow!

Gene Simmons’s daughter recently revealed these sad medical test results. KISS fans discussed the band’s 1987 long-form music video entitled: “Kiss Exposed” and how it holds up today in a recent topic within the band’s subreddit.

Mauigirlie got the ball rolling by saying: “I am likely in the minority here, but I love this movie! From Gene’s dungeon-like bedroom to Paul’s workout video! I loved this movie! It was funny, interesting, and included some awesome old concert footage and videos. Of course, when I first got into Kiss and stumbled across this video I was so young that I thought the Kiss mansion was for real and the band lived the way they depicted in the movie.”

Smubee followed up by writing: “I will never forget the day my dad brought this DVD home for us. He sat me (7) and my sister (4) down and said ‘We’re gonna have a KISStory lesson tonight.’ My sister’s best friend growing up (my girlfriend now) was just talking about how every time they’d have a sleepover, they would just loop KISS Exposed all night. It’s so much fun. I love that movie.”

Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed this ‘overweight’ video not too long ago. TomFuckinSawyer said: “[It’s] SUPER dated, but still pretty great nonetheless. Some of the stuff in there was pretty funny, but they were no Spinal Tap. I was a bigger fan of Xtreme Close-Up, Konfidential, and the Kiss My Ass home video.”