Gene Simmons Daughter Reveals Hot Catwoman Outfit


Gene Simmons’ daughter, meow-meow! Move over Peter Criss, there is a new KISS cat in town. Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons is celebrating the Halloween season early with this fetching cat costume. We most definitely believe Selina Kyle would approve of this purrfect getup. The daughter of the KISS icon wore the outfit during a performance in Amsterdam. You can view it below. Sophie Simmons looks like a man in this new photo.

Gene Simmons’ daughter revealed this horrible drug photo recently. KISS fans discussed if the band tried to make it seem like they had broken up in 1978 by releasing four separate solo albums during this time period in a new topic.

TheSphinx pointed out: “In February 1978, Kiss ended a grueling five-year touring cycle that helped them become one of the biggest bands in the world. Yet, when the foursome returned to the road a year and a half later for a jaunt dubbed the Return of Kiss, they found their position in the rock hierarchy was anything but secure.

The tour was to follow one of Kiss more audacious stunts, the release of four solo albums after the conclusion of their 1978 dates in support of Alive II. They’d then issued a disco hit “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” in advance of the May street date for Dynasty, with shows set for the entire second half of 1979.”

Gene Simmons’ daughter college party rejection was revealed earlier this week. AphelionAxeMan wrote: “I think it had to do with the frequency at which bands were expected to release albums and tour back in those days. KISS had released six studio albums, two live albums, and a Greatest Hits-type compilation in a span of a little over four years. If a band went an entire calendar year without a new album/tour, particularly one that had been that prolific up to that point, it was seen as a massive, “dropping off the face of the earth” type thing.”