Green Day Announce New Single


Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong took to his various social media accounts today to announce the release of an upcoming new single. Posting on his Instagram, Armstrong announced the new song, “Bang Bang” will be released Thursday, August 11th.


dear friends! green day is putting out a new single called "BANG BANG" August 11. stay tuned for more details.. photo by Frank Maddocks #mynewband



Over the past decade and a half, Green Day have consistently reinvented themselves with every release. Starting with 2000’s stripped down, folk inspired Warning, the fore fathers of pop-punk moved away from the brash, sing-along style that defined their mid-90’s domination. They instead focused on a calmer, more introspective style, reminiscent more of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen than The Ramones and The Clash.

With their politically charged, socially conscious juggernaut, the multi-platinum American Idiot as well as 2009’s chart-topping 21st Century Breakdown, Green Day became the voice of an almost lost generation. Choosing to use their stature as one of America’s most successful rock acts, Green Day demanded they be heard and their fans not only know they have a voice, but that their voice matters too.

On 2012’s trilogy of albums, Uno, Dos and Tre, Green Day again experienced a change of identity of sort. Moving away from the Punk Rock Opera stylings of their previous two releases, they instead went for a more straight forward, garage rock approach. The band even added some new flavors to their musical palette with the disco-influenced single, “Kill The DJ.”

With the exceptions of their 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction and a Christmas single released last year, the Bay Area punk rockers have been fairly quiet since the 2012 release of the trilogy of albums the following tour. While there is currently no mention of a new album, it is safe to assume that the news and announcement of “Bang Bang” is just the beginning of another new era in the long, storied history of Green Day.

  • Felonious Punk

    I liked Green Day just as much as the next guy back in the 90s. Dookie, Nimrod and especially Insomniac are still ace to me.

    Not a big fan of their rock opera revival stuff from a decade ago, but that trilogy of albums they put out recently were entertaining to various degrees. They’re another band where I’ll always check out what they’re doing, regardless of what anyone else is saying about them..

    • L Lile

      I totally agree with you. I actually love all their stuff. Have been listening to them since the early 90’s. I hate when people bash them because they are not making the same kind of music they used to make. They are evolving as they get older. Anyone that’s the same as they were 20 years ago please raise your hand!

      • Felonious Punk

        Green day kind of started that whole pop-punk thing back in the 90s. I highly doubt when they were writing and recording Dookie, they knew it was going to be this massive 10 million selling album.

        That’s what I love about Insomniac: it’s about the most mainstream punk record you can get. That album followed up a record that somehow sold like 10 million copies and was never expected to sell more than 250,000, at best. Green Day were pretty much set after that. When you accomplish what Dookie miraculously did, you can pretty much do whatever you want from that point..