Grunge Era Band Reveal Who ‘Beat Up’ Kurt Cobain: ‘He Wanted Them Fired’


The Breeders discussed Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, and Dave Grohl in a new Reddit AMA.

“Jim here: Actually, there’s one from our first show with nirvana in Dublin in ’92. We met them after soundcheck and I asked Dave Grohl what he put in those big speakers by his drum set and he laughed and said the band. And couldn’t stop laughing. I was so green… When we were playing I looked over to my left where Kurt was watching us play from the sidestage without his lamanent on. Security thought he was a punter and beat him up! So Kurt said he wasn’t going to play the show unless they fired the security team and brought in a new one. Which they did.”

Kim Deal also discussed working with Steve Albini.

“I think the mood on Pod had a lot to do with Steve Albini and the decisions he made. Brit’s drums had an earthy, soily type of sound and there was a lot of space for the tones to resonate. I think it’s very atmospheric. -Kim”

“Kim here: Albini knows someone who produces a lot of the ID channel re-enactment shows. A lot are shot in Tennessee and they told us we could plays cops or the corpse if we wanted to. I think it was Murder By Numbers. That’s what we’re trying to do next. I definitely want to be the cop–I could have been a cop.

Sir, can you please calm down. Sir. (As I unsnap my gun belt).”