Grunge Legend ‘Helped Create’ Kurt Cobain’s Death: ‘It’s Not Something I Take Lightly’


Melvins frontman Buzz Osbourne and many other discussed Reading 1992 and their memories of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana in a new MOJO article.

Buzz Osbourne: It’s very difficult to think about Nirvana without it being a very tragic memory for me. If I helped create what was going on with all that stuff – Nirvana getting involved in those sort of things – I also helped create his death. That is not something I take lightly. I would much rather have him unsuccessful and alive.

Norman Blake: [On Nirvana trashing their gear on-stage] Kurt really gave it everything. I have memories of Krist chucking his bass up in the air. The chaos at the end – you didn’t know what was going to happen next.

Anton Brookes: Everyone was on a high afterwards, but Nirvana’s highlight was meeting John Peel for the first time – they had so much to thank him for, he’d given them a leg up with the Peel Sessions. But Peel was in awe of meeting them as they were meeting him.

Norman Blake: I remember they played the riff to Boston’s More Than A Feeling before going into Smells Like Teen Spirit. That was the thing that people forgot about Nirvana: there was a lot of humor in what they were doing. Kurt was an angsty guy, but he could be a fun guy as well. Doing that showed they weren’t taking things too seriously.

  • Raj

    I think everyone feels guilty about Kurt’s death or a suicide in general. I think artists like the Melvins, Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jr., Green River, etc. were not on major labels or had the massive success are to some extent lucky. It’s a lot pressure to have that much success at such young age, Mark Arm or King Buzz could have ended up with the same fate as Andrew, Kurt, Layne, Chris, etc.

  • Backdoorman

    Did not Billy Corgan say that smell like teen spirit reminded him of more than a feeling?