Grunge Singer Begs For Next Nirvana: ‘Hurry The F*ck Up’


Grunge era band Garbage seem eager for the next Nirvana to hit the scene, with lead singer Shirley Manson tweeting that the next Nirvana needs to ‘hurry the fuck up already.’ She also wrote to a fan who said the next Nirvana is out there but doesn’t care about being heard, “It’s not about being good. It never was. It’s about changing the landscape. And that requires smashing the status quo.” Garbage’s drummer is Nirvana’s Nevermind producer Butch Vig. Below the tweets, check out more awesome quotes from Shirley Manson!

Shirley Manson discussed how Garbage drink on the road in a recent Daily Beast interview.

Is there one signature Garbage cocktail? “No. Here’s the deal, what happens is we drink a certain cocktail until such a time that something bad happens or something outrageous happens or we just get bored with it and we move on. For a while, we were crazy about the Szarlotka, the cocktail that we discovered when we went to Poland, by complete default simply because the bar didn’t really stock much other than bison grass vodka and apple juice, so we didn’t really have choice in what cocktail we consumed that day but they poured them and it was chock full of ice and they were delicious. And then we drank them until quite literally we were sick of them to complete and utter boredom.”

Check out The Stangs’ awesome new video below!