Guns N’ Roses Member Reacts To Bold Pearl Jam ‘Demand’


Pearl Jam tweeted a couple of days ago, “We demand new gun legislation AND additional mental health support. #gunreformnow and #mentalhealthreformnow are not mutually exclusive.”

McKagan responded, “I really like what PJ stands for over the years…and this.”

Pearl Jam first tweeted in response to the tragic Florida high school shooting, “We’re done with ‘leaders’ who refuse to lead on commonsense gun safety laws. It’s time to #ThrowThemOut. Join us:”

“We deserve to live in a country where children live free from gun violence in their schools, in their homes, and in their communities. #EndGunViolence.

For more information on the movement to end gun violence, visit”

The website they linked to said, “We’ve had enough. Thoughts and prayers are not enough to honor the victims of gun violence. What we need now is ACTION. Lawmakers have had enough time to come around to common sense, and we’re done waiting. We must now elect leaders who will finally act to save lives from gun violence. It’s time to throw them out. Take action.”

It also says, “Every day, 96 Americans are killed by gun violence. That’s why Everytown for Gun Safety researches a range of vital issues surrounding gun violence, develops data-driven solutions, and works with lawmakers and people like you to pass common-sense laws and policies that save lives.

Support for the Second Amendment goes hand-in-hand with keeping guns away from criminals and other dangerous people. But it’s simply too easy for the wrong people to get guns, leading to all kinds of violence—from deadly domestic abuse to suicide and school shootings.

Research shows—and cops will tell you—that common-sense public safety laws reduce gun violence and save lives. We can put a stop to the more than 35,000 gun deaths that happen every year. And we can do it in a way that still respects the Second Amendment.”

Pearl Jam have made more tweets about the tragic Florida high school shooting, calling for not just news gun legislation, but additional mental health support.

They retweeted Women’s March, who said: “Enough is enough!

Women’s March Youth EMPOWER is calling for students, teachers, and allies to take part in a #NationalSchoolWalkout for 17 minutes at 10am on March 14, 2018. Join us in saying #ENOUGH!”

They also retweeted a Huffington Post article featuring a photo of a kid holding a sign that calls the NRA a ‘terrorist organization.’

The article states, “They’re furious about political stonewalling, and most of them aren’t yet old enough to vote.

Two days after a gunman used an assault-style rifle to kill 17 people at a nearby school, the students of South Broward High School protested in solidarity. Just a couple of dozen miles down the road in Parkland, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was still sealed off as investigators pored over the horrors inside.

About 50 teenagers gathered on the street Friday, rallying around the common causes of gun control and school safety ― two issues politicians continue to ignore even though polls show most Americans support them.”

The retweet of the Huffington Post article drew a mixed response from fans, with some praising them and others telling the band to stay out of politics.

  • Adam

    “every day, 96 Americans are killed by gun violence”… And how many more are aborted ?

    • Michael Dolce

      that was always the part i couldn’t figure out when it comes to that party’s political platform. There are contradictions on both sides.

  • gdminority02

    Creed >>> Pearl Jam


    • Aretha Williams

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    • Suicide_Note


    • Kooler Than Jesus


  • Stonefoo

    Glorified PJ

  • Jonathan Basye

    Eddie Vedder, Nikolas Cruz -using the Septenary Cipher which is the only True Cipher that created the Enlish Language.

    • Suicide_Note

      What the fuck are you babbling about?

  • Jonathan Basye
  • dontaxlikeudontnoitsme

    What are we going to do when there is a government overthrow? We need weapons strong enough to prevent a government invasion like that of the Civil War or Nazi Germany. It only happens once a century but when it does happen again if we have no arms, we are getting thrown in the oven.

    • Michael Dolce

      At the end of the day, while there is truth (however unlikely in this day and age) to that side of the argument, If the military staged a coup resistance would pretty much be Waco’d anyway no matter how many assault rifles they owned

      • Dave Hendricks

        Tell that to the Vietnamese and afghans and many more that had way less than the government. Keep your firearms I’ll build ied in the face of a tyrannical government

    • Stone Gossardish

      Botty Bot bot.

  • Stone Gossardish

    Duff & Mike go way back. They have a band together now. They nearly had a second band too, and may still one day. The position he supports is a pretty reasonable one. It’s not extreme but it’s also not asleep.

    Those guys travel the world and have experienced a lot more cultures than way over 97% of us, without a doubt. They have a more worldy view here, which is fine. They also know how to play strings.

    • Mike

      They can all afford professional security. We can’t.

      • Stone Gossardish

        No question. And I don’t think either are against someone’s ability to defend themselves. It sounds like they’re encouraging an update, a fresh look at what should be available to Joe the Plumber and what should be left to professionals.

        • AT Morgan

          Its not their job to see what should be available to buy. Their job is to play music. If they, or anyone else, what’s to let me take a fresh look, or update their rights, and what’s available for them to buy, great. Until then, I’ll buy what I want too, as many as I want, and not care about whether anyone else likes it. Guns are legal. Cars are legal, Burger King is legal. What kills more people, hint, guns are 3rd on this list. What’s available to buy? it’s my choice of whether I need, or want them. As long as they’re legal, then I will decide if I want to buy it, no one else.

          • Stone Gossardish

            Mate, they are the people. Just like you. They have as much a vote as you or I. It’s our job as people to decide. I’m okay either way.

            Until then, buy em up

    • AT Morgan

      Well I don’t like their music. So do I have the right to tell them they can’t play, and record it? If I don’t like what other people want to buy, who cares. But if people don’t like what I want to buy, it needs to be changed. Cars, trucks, and obesity, kill more people every year then guns. You don’t blame the donut, or the car, for killing people. Quit blaming the gun for killing people. Guns just sit there, people kill people.

      • Stone Gossardish


  • steve k

    Pearl Jam sucks, old n washed up has beens

  • Chris Baker

    G&R have been washed up for years, and as much as I have loved Pearl Jam, they’ve been irrelevant for a long time. So easy to jump on the leftist bandwagon, and not actually have to think about the significant repercussions.

    So no. I remain a fan, but like most brainless celebs who employ armed body guards, I will ignore their hypocritical political “thoughts.”