Guns N’ Roses Member Shows Off Luxurious ‘Super Yachts’


Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan appeared in a new video showing off yachts at a boat show in Dubai.

McKagan said, “We’re playing a show here, Guns is playing a show here in Dubai. My wife and I, we love going to boat shows. I have a boat, we live on the water in Seattle. Susan and I have boated all over the world, seeing the large super yachts is cool, totally unattainable. Unless you’ve got 79 million dollars floating around, but it’s nice to go on the boats. I’m actually going to talk to somebody here, it’s time to get a new boat, so we’ve been talking to a couple companies.”

“We water ski, so we have Master Crafter, a ski boat, and a bigger boat for Lake Washington.”

Duff’s wife Susan added regarding the boat shows, “A lot of beautiful boats. One had a gym, a glam room, and a massage table all in one room.”