Dave Grohl Reveals Stunning News From Doctor


Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl welcomed Dr. Johan Sampson onstage for “My Hero” at a recent show. Dr. Sampson operated on Grohl’s broken leg after his infamous 2015 fall. Sampson referred to Grohl as ‘my hero’ in an Instagram post.

22-year old fan Richard Greenbury also got to have his own moment onstage at a recent Foo Fighters show in Croatia. After holding up a sign, Greenbury was invited onstage to drum on “Wheels.”

Richard told Radio X, “I’ve joked about taking a sign to the concert so many times but never actually did it.

“My friend Jadz convinced me as it was a smaller venue than we had seen them before, so we made one and held it up. Luckily he [Dave Grohl] saw it and called me up. Was such a surreal experience!”

Asked what was going through his mind when he was about to drum with one of his favourite bands, he replied: “I was just thinking, ‘oh my god this is actually happening.’ I had thought and practiced that moment so much at home, I only really play along to music when I practice so I had imagined playing live with them so many times.

“I was just thinking the whole time, ‘do not fuck this up, there’s too many people to mess it up!’ Only when I got off stage did it really hit me what had happened, was definitely an out of body experience. It was so bizarre.”