Guns N’ Roses React To Retirement Rumors


Slash’s girlfriend Meegan Hodges has reacted to Live Nation advertising Guns N’ Roses’ upcoming tour as the band’s last.

Meegan Hodges wrote, “Hell no. We don’t know what they are talking about. They don’t don’t know what they are talking about.”

She added, “Not true. That’s crazy talk. I’m sitting here asking why they would say something like that and we don’t have an answer. Take it up with them.”

Live Nation and Tickermaster’s Canadian website are promoting the latest leg of Guns N’ Roses’ Not In This Lifetime tour as the band’s last. The advertisement states: ‘The Not In This Lifetime Tour is coming! Don’t miss out on their legendary last tour.’ With Hodges’ latest quotes, it turns out that this is not true.

See the advertisement below, followed by a previous false retirement rumor.

Radar Online reported in May 2014 that Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose was considering retirement, “Band members have been told their calendars are free following Vegas,” a source close to the band tells RadarOnline. “Axl (Rose) is considering retiring and it’s done. Band members and support staff were surprised when told the news and are actively looking for work.”

“Axl has made enough money and wants to stop touring,” adds another source. “He is considering retiring.”

A source close to the band emphatically denied the rumor at the time, telling Ultimate Classic Rock that “there is no truth whatsoever to this report.”

A year and a half later Rose reunited with Slash and Duff McKagan.

  • RUFKM?

    Marketing 101. Live Nation will say anything to sell another ticket. Just like Brett’s headlines: they aren’t factually accurate (no one from GnR “reacted” to this news in this story), but it got me and anyone else reading it to click on it 😉

  • Allison Auld

    I knew it was bullshit. There’s a lot of posts on fb saying tix are still available for some Fall dates. Total marketing ploy.

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