How Trent Reznor Works With His Fashion Stylist Will Surprise You


Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor’s fashion stylist Mark Holmes recently discussed working with the legendary musician.

“#fbf to 2013 when I styled the #hesitationmarks tour for @nineinchnails Prior to working with @treznor , I had never worked with an artist with such dedication and precision to their craft. Sometimes as a stylist you’re asked to overhaul and take control of the entire look for someone and other times (as is/was the case with Trent you’re simply meant to be a conduit of sorts to help the artist realize their full artistic vision. Thrilled to be a part of his process. Been #DownInIt the last couple days and excited to see this summer’s stage show.”

He also wrote, “Great interview with @treznor in this issue of The Village Voice about #nin his process and place in the music industry today.if you’re in #nyc this weekend go see them at @panoramanyc #NineInchNails has stood the test of time and still remains one of the most visceral live shows out there!”

Trent Reznor discussed Nine Inch Nails’ return in a recent KROQ interview.

“I gotta admit we were quite nervous before the show,” says Reznor about the band’s appearance at FYF Fest. “It has been 3+ years since we performed. The stress of finishing the last record and also rehearsing with the band and getting everything together, and trying to think about how we’re presenting ourselves, and realizing that we’re pretty high on the bill, and does anyone still care? The normal type of insecure demons were present.”

“I don’t take anything for granted,” Reznor continues. “At this point, I’m doing this because I need the uncertainty of it in a sense. It still feels vital to me… I need to be in places where it doesn’t feel necessarily comfortable. Then when I find a place that’s comfortable I start to complain about it.”

“If we’re doing this, it needs to be in the moment and it needs to be real… or what’s the point of doing it? Now, deep into a 2-year tour, having played 5-nights a week for ever… is it hard to be in the moment at times? Yes, it is. Sometimes it’s very hard not to float away because you’ve done it so many times.”