Guns N’ Roses Reportedly Writing New Music Without Axl Rose


Former Guns N’ Roses publicist Arlett Vereecke is reporting that Guns N’ Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan, and Izzy Stradlin have been writing new music, but without Axl Rose.

She exclusively tells Team Rock: “I know they’re doing some recording. They’re definitely doing something there in the studio. Axl hasn’t been there, but Slash is definitely in there and it’s not for anyone else.”

Ex-Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven also suggests that Duff McKagan and Izzy Stradlin have been working together.

He says: “Duff and Izzy were in the studio before Christmas doing stuff. At a casual glance I think they’ve got at least a couple of tracks down.”

Recent Guns N’ Roses rumors on MyGNRForum from Eddie Money indicate that the following GNR 2016 tour dates are in the works.

Dallas – May
San Francisco – May
Foxborough, MA (Gillette Stadium) – Early August
Chicago, IL (Solider Field – 2 shows on July 4th weekend
Toronto – July 16th with option for second show on July 17th

He also recently posted:

“Izzy is in for sure. My source didn’t say anything about Matt Sorum and said that there is still discussion about having Adler be a part of the tour on some level. They didn’t say that Sorum would not be involved though.”

“[Izzy will] not [play] the entire show as far as I know.”

“[Steven] is not rehearsing with them but it doesn’t mean that he’s excluded completely. Honestly, I haven’t heard one way or the other.”

“There’s an oversight management team and then each principal member (Axl, Slash, and Duff) have a representative on a committee, and there is also a forth person to look out for the interests of the unrepresented participants (Richard, Dizzy, and Izzy, Tracy, Roberta, Teddy Zig Zag, etc).”

  • Billy

    Sounds like they are working on some new VR material lol There’s no way they’d be writing guns material without Axl breathing over their shoulders. i can just imagine Axl finding out, heading down to the studio but upon finding himself locked out, throws the hissiest of fits ie; punching and kicking the door, screaming and crying and flopping around on the ground

    • NYJ

      This is nothing new – Slash/Duff/Izzy often came up with chord structure/riffs and Axl added lyrics & melody later. But hey, why bother with facts when ol’ Axl makes a nice, easy target for ya?

      • Billy

        here’s another fact: Axl is a COLOSSAL douchebag. Ya, a guy like him who doesn’t respect his fans, releases 1 album over a 20+ plus year span is absolutely an easy target.
        But why bother with those facts right?
        And you are also talking about a writing process this band used when it was amicable, current, and active. 20+ years later, that same writing process may not be the same.
        So you are speculating that they just went back to how things were before and i am suggesting that ppl change and the same routine may not apply.

        Until Axl can conduct himself like a professional, doesn’t pull his drama queen b.s., actually does more than 1 show of this reunion, then maybe i’ll cut him a break. But i have a feeling pigs will fly before that comes to fruition.

        • Dave Holliday

          Myles Kennedy does Axl better than Axl…..

          .Consistency……Axl WAS……..
          I think Axl/David Lee Roth Supergroup would be a stadium phenom.
          They could cover Roy ORBISON. Crying

        • Deathstroke

          You are a colossal douchebag. Axl is a rock god. Getting mad at him for getting on stage late is like wearing a bands shirt to their concert. Yeah he makes you wait for it, but then he rocks your fucking nuts off for 3 hours! There aren’t a lot of bands who will give their fans a 3 hour show. That’s 30+ songs. Where I come from, douchebags don’t write the greatest rock album ever, they just sit on their computer and complain about people who are better than them.

          • Billy

            you have so clearly illustrated your idiocy that i don’t even need to add much else here.

            Go eat some taco bell with your boy.

          • Deathstroke

            Gladly. Have fun listening to the new Foo Fighters album.

          • Billy

            i absolutely will. It’s hard not to respect a musician who breaks a leg during a concert and comes back to finish the show. That is how u show respect for your fans.

            Or you could go see a Cornell show or PJ show where they do play between 2-3 hour sets upwards of 30 songs and don’t show up late or cause riots or go into the crowd to punch out fans who have a camera or charge $2500 for vip packages that do not include meeting the band.

          • Deathstroke

            Sounds like a blast. Are the seats comfortable?

          • Deathstroke

            Wait, are you talking about Pearl Jam or PJ Harvey? You like them both don’t you? No, Pearl Jam would never do anything as assholish as that. Their shows are as safe as their music. Some of us like our rock stars to be unpredictable pieces of shit, and some of us like nice and safe bands like the Foo Fighters.

          • Lars Hansen

            Your are a idiot. Have you seen the tour they are on, it all goes perfect, and shows up on time!

          • Billy

            i guess you have nothing better to do than stalk my comments. Replying to a 4 month old comment, that isn’t pathetic at all!!!! LMFAO!!!
            Spoiler alert: as you get closer in time you will see that i said i would back off of him if he acted more professionally and for the most part he has until the recent Duvall issue.
            But you know, keep trolling away, you aren’t any good at it, which is quite disappointing considering how much free time you have to review my body of work

          • Lars Hansen

            Bla bla shut up, little cry baby

        • Lars Hansen

          You are a tool. How is the tour going now? He has been nothing but great towards everybody. So stop this shit

      • Mike

        I was gonna say, maybe it’s cause Axl’s the singer

      • Martha Bartha

        Oh You!

      • Deathstroke

        Exactly. This is a great example of bullshit-journalism. Totally lie in the headline to get people to click on your “article”. Ok the flip side though… I can’t believe this is really happening. I’m so happy these guys are working their shit out. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Axl and Slash on stage together. Those two are simply made for each other.

    • Felonious Punk

      LoL tomorrow’s headline will read:

      Velvet Revolver: “Think you got what it takes to front *this* band? Come audition with us!”

  • Pink Taco

    Sounds like the writing for Use Your Illusion where Axl didn’t show up for the longest time, but eventually lived in the studio long after Slash and Duff were done. The first sessions after The Illusion tour all the guys showed up around the same time and Axl would come in during the later hours of the night. Axl has been like this for forever.

    • Martha Bartha

      I reckon that is just his working style………….

  • BlueFlameFord

    This “reunion” is going to go up in flames faster than the Hindenburg

    • Martha Bartha

      Ain’t it a shame, to be shot down in flames……

  • Raj

    Of course Axl isn’t there, he will probably show up at the last minute. I would be surprised if they did a new album but you never know.

  • Deathstroke

    Wait… Tracy and Roberta will be there to help us again?

  • Deathstroke

    This headline is extremely misleading. Guitarists lay down tracks without the vocalist all of the time. That’s how they record music. The author of this article is just trying to stir shit.

    • Felonious Punk

      I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you’re new around these parts?


    I remember one of the reasons the shit hit the fan was Slash using former GNR songs for his first Snakepit album. Nothing new here.