Howard Stern Reveals How A-List Star Is Involved In New Chris Cornell Song


On The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, Howard discussed Chris Cornell’s new self-titled album set for release on November 16th, and his new single “When Bad Does Good.” Actor Josh Brolin was credited for being involved in the idea of releasing the song.

After the break Howard came right back and said he has a couple of things to mention. He said this Friday night on Howard 101 they have a Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators doing a special show. He said that’s Friday night at 8pm eastern. He said Slash is a genius and musical prodigy. He said this guy is a virtuoso. He said he’s great and they love him.

Howard said Chris Cornell’s family also sent over a song they’ve never heard before. He said he’s gone but not forgotten. He said they’re releasing a new 17 song album. He said this is a little bit of Chris performing ”When Bad Does Good.”

He said it’s being released tomorrow at midnight. Howard played some of the song and said the family said he recorded this before his death. He said he loved the song. Gary said Josh Brolin is a good friend of the family and he reminded Chris’ wife of how much he loved this song so she put it out. He said they’ll have a song he did there at Sirius on the album too.

  • makingconnections

    Could anyone tell me what’s going on with this music site?

    • Kay B

      Exactly. This writing is horrible. I could only make it to the second “He said….” There is so much more alternative music out there this site could report on. But we have to watch Francis Cobain try to do a squat instead. They could report on so many bands people have not yet heard of and would like to.

      • makingconnections

        I just got this reply again from Disqus.

        Have you noticed that this story has been reported on in various attempts for days…on and on about “When Bad Does Good” and Chris Cornell? I wonder if Chris wanted this song published–it makes me feel badly for him but that could just be me being emotional. Maybe you’re not even coming to this site any longer.

        There’s something wrong here, definitely.

        • Kay B

          It’s hard to say. All of Chris’ songs were really personal. This one definitely is as well. Where has Olga been?

          • makingconnections

            Yes, it’s not to be analyzed….personal is the right word.

            I spoke with Olga a few weeks ago and she said she was taking a break and that she was fine. I hope she comes back soon. I miss her and I’m sure you do, as well as Trovoid and Corndog.

            Fall came quickly didn’t it? I’m making something tomorrow that I saw Anthony B. watching someone cook in France….A scooped out pumpkin..layered inside, white bread cubes, cheese, onion, bacon, milk and broth poured over and the top on and baked slowly. Your little girl would like a meal in a pumpkin I’ll bet.

          • Kay B

            Ahhhhh what a great time of year. It has cooled down, pumpkins and Halloween right around the corner. I also was watching Anthony these past few days. Imagine all those people’s hearts he touched all over the world. He sure did see a lot of cool stuff.

          • makingconnections

            Did you watch the episode where he was so open with a therapist in Argentina, where they have a huge number of therapists? He was an amazing character and brought the world together as much as one person could I think. He always makes me want Asian Noodles of some sort and he said it’s all about the broth.

            I always remember the smiling faces everywhere he went and it affirms my belief that people are basically good and kind (even though horrible at times!). I remember a train trip he took through the border countries on the southern border of Russia. There were some scary drinking guys that by morning were very different and that was definitely the edgiest show I watched in his series.

            My daughter saw Orcas, quite a few of them, swimming by a few days ago. That always is reassuring. Apparently the unusual heat this summer was hard on them, as it was on us.

          • Kay B

            That must be a sight how cool! I get a lot of Sandhill Cranes in my back yard. I’m not a bird fan but they sure are beautiful birds. I did not see that episode but it sounds very interesting. I did watch more of his shows this weekend though. He really was a funny guy!

          • makingconnections

            When I see him in the most recent episodes he seems psychically tired, but still always so completely honest…such a cool guy for sure.

            Haha..I’d love to see your Sandhill Cranes. My daughter has always been afraid that her Mom and Dad are going to become bird watchers. Don’t ask me where that came from?!

          • makingconnections

            I contacted Olga and she is O.K. She misses everyone and will be back it awhile.

          • Kay B

            That is good to hear.

          • makingconnections

            Don’t bother with the pumpkin dish…it was yucky!

  • Patricia McDonald

    How many times can you put “he said” in one article?

    • Kay B

      This was difficult to read with all that…..

  • Intoxicated Withfear

    I’m a better reporter than him geeeza ..

  • Megyn White

    Wow, that was a horrible read :/

  • Greg


  • Greg

    What kind of post/journalism is you saying he said, he said, he said? God do I miss real news.

  • jethole

    But what did he say?!

  • Adam

    Wow, yeah what a TERRIBLY written, “Article”. And this is from the guy who owns the website? Setting the bar REALLY low… This site was really refreshing initially, but totally fell apart once they really started focusing on financial gain as opposed to what it was originally, just a great site for news & info about bands you couldn’t find much on, elsewhere… The quality of writing is the complete pits, then there’s the ass kissing of certain people (D’arcy & Vicky C), in order to retain access to them (deleting any post that portrays either in a negative light, to eventually closing all comments on “articles” about them)….it’s a shame a site that had so much potential is really just a total sham focused on financial gain rather than attempting to retain any integrity on the “journalism” front… if there were any other sites that covered these artists as extensively as this one, I’d bounce & never come back. Unfortunately they’re the only Game in town right now… however, “extensively” seems to be “Articles” about former artists daughters, squatting & twerking on Instagram… and that’s just not what I’m here for…

    • I H8 RotnLies

      My thoughts EXACTLY

  • Stone Gossardish

    I’m more curious how much the writer paid for his Sirius subscription. I think most people pay about $ 15 a month, in reality.

  • assaf perets

    who is releasing 17 songs album? and whats wrong with this writer, what drugs he using?

  • Brian

    Way to write, Corky.

    Bonus for the click bait title you friggin dick bag

  • QTPI40

    Brett did you graduate high school? My 6 year old does better reporting. I have no clue why Chris would be friends with that douche JB, but I guess he has the same morals as the K family.

  • Terry

    If all the critics of this website would kindly stop complaining and go elsewhere for their information, it would be very much appreciated. Stop being so bitchy and condescending and you will enjoy life much more. It must be awful to be so perfect and beyond reproach.