Huge Post-Grunge Singer Says It Would Be ‘Dream Come True’ To Front Stone Temple Pilots


Just over a week ago at Welcome to Rockville, Alternative Nation had the opportunity to interview Seether frontman Shaun Morgan. We discussed Seether’s upcoming album Poison for Parish (out May 12), Rise Above Fest, and Stone Temple Pilots’ singer search. The full video interview will be posted tomorrow.

Alternative Nation asked Morgan, “So I have a little bit of a fun question for you. If you were ever approached about it or ever had the time, Stone Temple Pilots have been looking for a singer for over a year now. Would you ever consider filling in the shoes of Scott Weiland for them?”

Morgan responded, “(Laughs) I would love to, that’s such a big responsibility though. I also think they want someone who’s a full-time guy. That’d be the kind of thing where you step into that role, it’d be like a dream come true kind of thing. But at the same time, ya know I got my own thing going on which keeps me kind of busy. But yeah if they ever gave me a call, I would at least try out. I love Stone Temple Pilots, that was one of the bands that really influenced me growing up. Yeah, but that’s never gonna happen.”

This interview was conducted before Alternative Nation broke the news earlier this week that Stone Temple Pilots are rehearsing with who ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo claims is the band’s new frontman, though he did not reveal the identity. The new singer appears to be Jeff Gutt, though the band have yet to confirm or deny that he is in fact their third lead singer.

  • Kirk Cieszkiewicz Sr.

    How about the dude from Three Days Grace? Cash talks.

  • rt316

    It’s always good to hear/read that a lot of musicians have respect for STP.