Stone Temple Pilots Have Chosen ‘One Of The Finest Singers I Know’


Former Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo has confirmed that Stone Temple Pilots have chosen a new singer, and that he watched the band’s new lineup perform at a rehearsal over the weekend.

Lenardo wrote, “Feeling blessed I just got to see my friends from Stone Temple Pilots play a really tight set of classics.”

He also said, “I can’t comment on who’s singing but I can tell you he is one of the finest musicians and singers I’ve ever known. STP will reveal it in their own time.”

The band’s setlist included: “Crackerman,” “Big Bang Baby,” “Big Empty,” “Plush,” “Interstate Love Song,” and “Piece of Pie.” “Coma” and “Pretty Penny” were crossed out of the setlist.

The new singer appears to be Jeff Gutt, as Lenardo has worked with him before, and he was rumored to be the band’s pick last year in an ET report, though STP obviously have not confirmed themselves yet that it’s Gutt.

Scott Weiland announced that Chester Bennington quit Stone Temple Pilots in November 2015, and Weiland passed away a month later. STP last performed live, with Chester Bennington on vocals, for a one off reunion performance in California in March 2016.


  • Joe Costigan

    interested to see who they finally decided on…not rooting against the guys but Weiland’s shoes are tough to fill. The obvious guess is Richard Patrick.

    • Tyrone Blackman

      I think by 2019 we will finally know

  • Jason

    Hey Man, Nice Shot

  • Eddie Yarler

    Geno needs to shave his head again. With that being said, Jeff Gutt would be great for the band. Jeff sounds more like Chester than Scott which I think is a good idea, since someone like John Borja would just force me to make Scott comparisons. I wish STP luck. I had pretty much given up on them for awhile now.

    • skunkproductions_manila

      Scott comparison ensues whoever is the singer.

      • dakotablue

        or Layne. Fact of life. Immortal legends.

  • Kevin J

    It will never be close to what it was so who really cares.

  • Raj

    Well the new guy will hear it all the time just like Duvall hears it in Alice in Chains. Weiland was a master of melodies. I don’t think anything they new they make will be terribly noteworthy. If it is Gutt I just can’t get behind his voice, I don’t think Gutt would be the right fit for STP but whatever.

    • Anonymous501

      Yah I like watching the new AIC lineup live, but you’re right that the newer music isn’t particularily noteworthy (a good song here or there but no albums that are front to back legendary). AIC kind of formed in the ashed of their deceased singer. STP kind of kicked their singer out before he was dead and replaced him. It’s subtle. They couldn’t work with Scott because of his habits, but they still did it.

      I dunno. I don’t mind seeing the odd AIC show with Duvall. I really have no interest seeing STP with another singer.

      I know those guys have the right to keep making a living. Having another successful band is an almost impossible feat (they’ve tried it twice with no avail). They need the STP moniker to make a living. I dunno. At the end with Weiland the venues they played were getting small. Then to theatres with Bennington. Now another singer…

      sometimes you need to hang ’em up… not everyone ends up like AC DC.

      • dakotablue

        “AIC kind of formed in the ages of their deceased singer”??? Are you familiar with the Chains song catalogue with their dead guy?

    • Corndog

      The new guy will have the one advantage of folks saying ‘well at least it’s not Chester’.

      • dakotablue


    • dakotablue

      You’re right because both Layne and Scott are really irreplaceable. I think STP needs a good songwriter singer so they can make new music, not just a fill-in imitating all the old hits at live shows.

  • skunkproductions_manila

    Geno is Jeff Gutt’s bandmate in Rival City Heights. It also features Will Hunt of Evanescence on drums. Evanescence and STP share the same management.

    • Alternative Nation

      Geno said ‘he’ not ‘she.’

  • Bruno Sílvio Martins

    This could be good for them. At least give them a focus. They’ve been looking for far too long. This guy can sing and seems to be pretty professional. They need a hired gun that can do festivals and a few tours. This guy fits the bill. Even if they record with him, so what? They decided to keep the band going so it’s not gonna hurt them. Maybe something good can come out of it. Something like William Duvall. It’s cool.

    • dakotablue

      Seems like we’ve been waiting forever to hear this, if it’s true. And now they’ll stretch out the confirmation.

  • rt316

    After “Piece of Pie” there is also “Sex Type Thing” on the setlist 🙂

  • nomad

    I’ve never heard of Jeff Gutt. Where is he from?

  • Matt Wales