Huge Update On New Queens of the Stone Age Album


Mastodon’s Troy Sanders was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone about his side project with Queens of the Stone Age’s Troy Van Leeuwen, Gone is Gone. Sanders revealed that Queens of the Stone Age are ‘extremely busy’ writing and recording. The band are currently in the studio with plans to release a new album in 2017.

“We’ve all done this many times before, so we’re not going to show up to the show unprepared. That would be out of all our characters to do that. I like to think none of us needs this band, but we all really want this band. When that’s the mentality, this is special to the four of us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t dedicate the first week of 2017 to working on this band. For example, Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon and At the Drive-In have all been recording, and we all have new records coming out this year.

We’ve all been extremely busy writing and recording, and we’re about to get super busy touring the world. So I believe we’re all fulfilled to a certain degree with all we have going on. That sets a special tone for a very special thing we all share. This band doesn’t bring us fame or money, but it brings us a different sense of fulfillment and energy that we all give each other. To answer your question, it’s a cool challenge because we have all these songs to revisit and relearn. We have four people on the same page, and it’s pretty special.”

  • IrregularJohn

    That pic only in mind only strenghtens my conviction that Josh should really lose two guys on the far right and far left and bring back Oliveri and we might get a worthy QOTSA record.

    • MattyO123

      Yeh we’ll just ignore the fact that Like Clockwork was a masterpiece. As long as Homme is involved the music will be great, also no need to slag off Mikey Shoes and Dean, both provide good quality musicianship and as a bonus arent drug addicts who beat their girlfriends

      • IrregularJohn

        I just ignore that record altogether. But it takes very little to satisfy some people I guess. Like Clockwork is nothing more than Josh’s attempt at going artsy-fartsy.

  • Billy

    Potential new Qotsa,Soundgarden, Apc, Tool….2017 has an opportunity to be pretty spectacular