Ivan Beecroft’s ‘Whatever’ Is A Must Listen For Velvet Revolver & The Cult Fans


If you’ve listened to Ivan Beecroft before then you probably found yourself scratching your head asking what year it is. Nine times out of ten, a musician is a product of the times. For every Nirvana there are five wannabees in flannels. For every Van Halen, there were twenty guitar players trying to tap, shred and flash their way into the consciousness of the musical landscape. So, when you listen to Ivan Beecroft’s refreshing, sonic collection of solid tracks, Whatever, you’ll be scratching your head, alright. Who is this songwriter extraordinaire hailing all the way from Australia?  How have you not heard of him until now? Well- thankfully, now you have.

Whatever will leave you baffled with its rich, textured arrangements and soulful, angst-riddled vocals. Beecroft excels at creating a hybrid of genres. Take album opener, “Sleepwalker”. The guitars scream 80’s metal; there’s a similarity to The Cult in the lead guitar melody. It sits in the mix perfectly before leading into a more straight-forward alternative rock approach. The chorus is a work of art in its execution and explosiveness. The song takes a wildly unexpected and fantastic left turn in the middle bridge. The brash, intensity of the chorus takes a backseat to a beautiful trek into to the world of Velvet Revolver-ish melodicity.

Beecroft’s influences are apparent throughout. “You Can’t Take My Soul” reeks of intrigue and mystery and adds a real industrial type feel to the mix. It serves as a great example of the depths to his music. Beecroft’s haunting vocals are a real highlight. His voice is unique. It’s not what you would expect, and it doesn’t quite fit the mold of a typical alternative rock vocalist. But it works better than it probably should track after track.

The album serves as a great alternative to the overwhelming amount lame, computer-infused trends of music replacing guitars and drums with samples and drum machines. “She Said”, the fifth track, perfectly describes Beecroft’s overall approach. Not only is this the kind of song you’d want to hear on your local rock radio- it’s the kind that should be. The melody. The fun guitar solos. The piano lines weaving in and out. It’s got everything and more. If you could only hear one song by Ivan Beecroft, this would be the one!

If you’re listening to Whatever and you’re scratching your head; it’s a good thing. With the energy and enthusiasm of late 80’s metal acts and the fun, alt-rock vibe of 90’s glory, you can’t go wrong with Whatever. And you definitely can’t go wrong with Ivan Beecroft. Check out the new album and check him out across social media. See below for more!





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