James Iha’s Role On New Smashing Pumpkins Album Revealed


Billy Corgan has shared a new photo from the studio showing that himself, James Iha, and Jeff Schroeder are all playing guitar on the new Smashing Pumpkins album.

He wrote, “‘Three is the magic number’///Four square///Five the circle///Six of the Devil///Seven-Heaven///8 Infinity///9 Lives///10 Perfect///Eleven dunno///Twelve a jury of ‘yer peers///13 lucky///******”

He also wrote on Tuesday, “Ok, so today is absolutely, officially the last day of studio work (only two days off since I got here to LaLa), and it will be a fun one as we are recording live strings for a few songs I’ve done the arrangements for. The pic here is of me at an M400 Mellotron (think the opening of Strawberry Fields and you get the picture) taken by none other than @lindastrawberry #mellotron #wpc.”

It was recently revealed that The Smashing Pumpkins reunion lineup is Billy Corgan, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, and Jeff Schroeder. D’arcy Wretzky announced a couple of weeks ago that she was ‘disappointed’ to learn she wouldn’t be involved in the reunion. Since then there has been rampant speculation about who the Pumpkins’ touring bassist will be.

The band are currently recording a new album with producer Rick Rubin, and planning to tour in July. It will be Jimmy Chamberlin’s first Smashing Pumpkins album since 2007’s Zeitgeist, and James Iha’s first Pumpkins record since 2000’s MACHINA/The Machines of God. 2018 is a busy year for James Iha, as he is also touring with A Perfect Circle to promote their new album Eat The Elephant, set for release on April 20th.

  • Jesusswept

    I’m glad to see he is excited about this. Looking forward to a new album and tour!

  • jhonn0

    Amazing to me just how much “news” is being written about this — all in a voice of 100% certainty — in spite of there being no official word on any of it from the band. Does no one else kinda get the idea that Billy might be toying with our perceptions just a tad? If he were trying an experiment to see how far the media would run with his vague-postings, I’d say these are quite the results.

    • Bruno Sílvio Martins

      I think about that everytime he posts something. It would be the most “trolling” thing ever! And one hell of a fuck you to the media.
      But I don’t think it’s that. I think he’s being mysterious just to add a little magic, because nowadays the magic is gone. It’s all rapid fire news and announcements, and move on to the next. So I think it’s actually cool what (we believe) he’s doing.

    • Nancy

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