Pale Blue Dot’s Anatomy Is Monster Of An Album For Pearl Jam And Hall & Oates Fans


Hailing from Charlottesville, Virginia, comes Pale Blue Dot. And good god almighty do they make an impression. Homing in on a refreshing, in your face blend of classic alternative rock of the 90’s mixed with swift guitar work and some bombastic drumming to boot, Pale Blue Dot just may be your new favorite band.

The band’s latest offering, Anatomy contains nine tracks that burrow their way deep into your subconscious with their aggitatingly infectious brand of rock. “Only Love”, the second track off the album contains an insanely exciting, upbeat rhythm reminiscent of classic pop rock legends Hall & Oates. The song takes a number of unexpected left turns with occasional horns setting the mood along with the poeticly driven lyrics carrying you along for the ride. “Dust and Light” is the kind of guttural, down and dirty rock song fans of straight up 90’s rock will not only appreciate but find themselves going back to over and over. The simple yet effective snare- fantastic. Well done.

The instrumentation and unexpected bursts of utter pop-bliss take Pale Blue Dot from run of the mill rockers to a truly unique musical juggernaut. The jeckyl and hide approach of “Yesterday’s News” kicks absolute ass. Talk about kicking in into the next gear, my god. The song literally made me jump out of my chair when it kicked into its epic final act. Not only is that the best song on a stacked album, it’s one of the best songs I’ve heard in 2018.

Anatomy shows Pale Blue Dot in full control of their artistic and creative mission- hellbent on rock and roll domination without sacrificing their integrity to fit into a predefined mold of what others may think rock should sound like nowadays. An easy task it is not- but Pale Blue Dot stand proud to the fact that they have produced an absolute monster of an album. Fans of Foo Fighters or Pearl Jam- or actually, just fans of good music, you gotta check these guys out!