Jane in Space’s Gorerunner Is Chaotic Industrial Attack That Nine Inch Nails Fans Will Love


Warning: Industrial music is not for the faint of heart. To best enjoy the chaotic blend of melody, noise and luscious soundscapes, you best be prepared to strap in and give yourself fully to the experience of the ride. If this sounds like the kind of musical adventure you’re looking for then look no further than Jane in Space. Hailing from the city that never sleeps, the industrial/electronic duo are loudly making quite the name for themselves. Don’t believe me- the New Your City genre-mashers new EP is all the proof you need.

Gorerunner takes the torch lit by industrial giants Nine Inch Nails and Ministry and provides the manic genre a fresh sound for our current age. Throughout this explosive EP, the duo relies heavily on atmospheric, unsettling instrumentation mixed with biting lyrics and rich melodies. “Eat Your Face” more than lives up to it’s ambitious title. Don’t fret though- the fantastic track is more likely to rock your face off that actually eat it. The mellow, grinding verses give way to chant-along choruses that would bring a smile to Trent Reznor’s face.

What separates Jane in Space from run of the mill industrial acts is their brash attack. They know exactly what they are looking to do- are more than capable- and execute on all levels. Title track “Gorerunner” slowly comes together; building upon its base rhythm creating a gloriously gothic track. The artistic choice of a subtle vocal delivery adds to the magic; building the tension and mood while keeping the track growing and growing. Music that matters creates moods. It creates identity. Jane in Space perfectly execute these sentiments. The music may be dark, but the future is certainly bright for this wildly ambitious, talented due.

If you lone Nine Inch Nails and the sheer, unabashed aggression, Jane in Space is a must! Make sure to check out Gorerunner and video for “Eat Your Face”. The bizarrely brilliant video will absolutely appeal to anyone with a taste for David Lynch-ian, no holds barred insanity! Enjoy!