Justin Bieber Goes Grunge, Imitates Kurt Cobain At Seattle Concert


Last week Justin Bieber performed in Seattle, and his performance was definitely Grunge inspired, wearing a Kurt Cobain t-shirt at one point and even performing a stripped down set inspired by Nirvana’s 1993 MTV Unplugged performance. Bieber wore the Cobain t-shirt under not just one, but two flannels, with torn up jeans to top it off. After the concert, Will Smith’s son Jaden tweeted that ‘Kurt Cobain is still alive’ and ‘he lives on in the souls of the youth.’ Perhaps Bieber will wear some graphic t-shirts next?







Courtney Love attended the debut of Saint Laurent’s men’s fall fashion line at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles last month with Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic. The pair met Justin Bieber, as seen below. Love described Bieber as ‘such a gentleman.’ Novoselic also praised the young pop stars, tweeting: ‘Everybody loves Justin.’ Love also hung out with Lady Gaga backstage.

Justin Bieber’s stylist Karla Welch spoke to Esquire in November about Justin Bieber wearing a Nirvana t-shirt to the American Music Awards.

“It’s not the first time he’s worn a Nirvana tee. We just have a nice collection of vintage tees, and then the tee he wore yesterday was actually Jerry Lorenzo’s from Fear of God. Jerry takes vintage tees and re-cuts them.”

Welch continued: “Of course he’s a fan of Nirvana. I think it’s so funny that all these people are up in arms. I’m sure Kurt Cobain would be like – I mean I can’t speak for him, obviously – but I don’t think he was so snotty or that he would diss anyone who appreciated his music. I think he understood that that is like the antithesis of music appreciation.

“It’s so funny. But you know, fans are fans!” she added. “Whatever you want to say about being pop, but I don’t think Kurt Cobain gave two fucks, and I don’t think Justin Bieber does either. You know what I mean?”

Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love had a surprising reaction to Bieber’s shirt: she loved it. Love tweeted, “You’re cool in my book Justin Bieber.”

  • Pink Taco

    Why is everything with Justin Bieber supposed to be damning? Justin Bieber wore a flannel dear god! So what.

    • Alternative Nation

      So 30,000 hits for this article.

      • Katie

        LOL! Brett!!! Oh, and I’ve clicked on 3 advertising links while I’ve been here dear. You’re welcome. 😀

  • ghkdtjdguq1

    Why not?
    I think it’s his best attitude to his icon.

  • nomad

    Isn’t that precious!

  • Diana Dimitrova

    2 words, 1 finger!

    • Jinn

      ^ Best comment on the internet.

  • Billy

    So he plays a pop music show in Seattle and wears a cobain shirt. I guess he did it for the parents of all the 10 yr old kids at the show?

  • Sean Lloyd

    I think Jaden Smith’s tweets about Kurt Cobain are hilarious. That kid doesn’t know shit about Kurt Cobain’s ideals that Kurt’s music was rebelling against everything Justin a sober stands for.

  • Raj

    This guy is an embarrassment to Canada, please let’s export him and Nickelback to somewhere far, far away. Wearing flannel isn’t what Kurt was about, what a fool Bieber is. A total poser and d’bag.

    • Katie


  • Andy Breckenridge

    Bieber should stop trying to imitate people. First, Michael Jackson and now Kurt Cobain, if he’s just going to imitate people he should stop and go back to Canada

    • dana

      No. We don’t want him back.

  • rustyshackleford462

    I guess a stomach full of semen will make you do weird things.

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  • Shari Wasson

    I live in Seattle and im the same age that Kurt would’ve been had he still been with us today. I was totally into grunge and all the grunge bands that rose up out of Seattle and conquered the music world. It was a movement and my generation loved the music. We didnt have smart phones and we didnt get in fights and post ridiculous comments or tattoo our entire bodies. It was about how we felt as a generation of music lovers. The Seattle scene was widespread and some of the bands who made it”big” knew everyone else who continued to play the local bars and clubs. Everyone knew everyone and im proud to say that i witnessed all the love and comraderie that these musicians shared with each other. I dont have anything against Justin Bieber and i really dont think Kurt would’ve cared one way or the other but i think it’s safe to say that he wouldn’t have put himself all over the media that Bieber does. If you are going to imitate someone who is no longer with us then do it right and respectfully understand exactly what you are doing.
    With respect and love,

    • Katie

      “If you are going to imitate someone who is no longer with us then do it right and respectfully understand exactly what you are doing.” Very well said. Peace

    • Starla

      Im not from seattle but i am 40 and while growing up seattle grunge was all we liistened to.i think kurt wouldve just sat back with his glasses on smiling at justin. The kids co cused in mh book. I just hope he doent start singing nirvana stuff and ac songs. Id be lmao at him sorry. All i have to say is layne mike and kurt were legends that cant ever be replacex. And it makes me very sad.


    Not even close.

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  • Kim Stubbs

    Omfg what a little prick this boy is…..remove the ten yr old girls that keep buying his shite and maybe he’ll gow the fuck up…sorry (not really) but i think this is an insult, however it is highly amusing this little ladyboy prob can’t ‘grunge’ his bedroom without mummy on his back… fuck u beiber u retard

  • natalia

    Kurt wrote a song for people like Justin called “In Bloom.” This song addressed people that listened to Nirvana’s “pretty songs” but didn’t align with what the band was all about