Justin Timberlake Will Perform With Dead Rock Icon’s Hologram At Super Bowl


Justin Timberlake’s been rehearsing his ass off for the Super Bowl LII halftime show, and TMZ has the first video … which gives you a sneak peek of what’s about to go down.


Sources inside rehearsal tell us JT did 4 run-throughs, just on Thursday. We’re told one was a dress rehearsal that was taped for emergency … just in case anything happens to JT and he can’t perform.

This video is from one of his Thursday sessions, and one thing’s for sure … there’s gonna be a TON of fireworks inside the U.S. Bank Stadium.

TMZ’s sources also reveal there are no ‘NSYNC or Janet Jackson cameos planned … so anyone hoping for a reunion or redemption … you can pretty much abandon all hope.

HOWEVER, TMZ has been told Justin does have one pretty cool trick up his sleeve — a hologram to honor … wait for it … Prince, in his hometown.

Of course, plans and strategies can change … but an overhaul at this point seems unlikely.

  • Stone Gossardish

    Playing the Super Bowl used to be a big deal. Then it killed the Black Eyed Peas career. The sound was such a disaster that year that they couldn’t hear themselves and were just yelling. It was beyond awful and they knew it. The Fergie was in tears as they left the field, they knew it was a disaster. It essentially ended their career.

    The next year was Madonna and it sounded good and looked good, but the damage had been done. Then the NFL tried sticking their nose in it. They wanted a piece of future earnings and they wanted acts to split time and do medleys. Again, the Super Bowl used to be a big deal.

    Now it’s a performance only to keep the non-football fans watching. It’s not for fans of the game, it’s for everyone else. And thus you have this kind of an awful idea.

    • Kay B

      Fergie was in tears because the band was better without her. And that is not saying much.

      • Stone Gossardish

        I just remember the worst sounding yelling ever to be heard by such an audience. Then we heard afterwards that the could not hear themselves at all, which was no shocker.

        The next year Madonna had professionals do the sound work and ever since then they’ve all sounded pretty good, and the Chilis went ahead and didn’t even actually play. That was maybe a low point. It’s hard for people to believe it but just 10 years ago this was a huge deal for an act. Now it’s kinda the Bruno Mars show and more of a goof.

        • Kay B

          Ha I totally forgot about the Chilis! I agree with your statements. I liked Prince doing the show but otherwise thats the time to get another beer.

  • Diana

    Fuck this guy so much.

  • Kay B

    I saw Prince live years ago and he came out with 27 different instruments and played all of them beautifully. He had a lot of talent. A few years after that I was in one of his clubs he owned in Minneapolis and he was walking around quietly making sure people were enjoying themselves. He was a small man with a huge heart and skill. I still really love this performance because originally they weren’t going to invite Prince to honor George Harrison because he wouldn’t fit in well. But Prince killed it and Dhani Harrison (George’s son) had a huge smile because he knew it and he knew it was the right decision to have Prince play. And it’s pretty damn cool Prince knew it too at the end.

    • Kimberly

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  • Trovoid

    I think the whole scenario with Janet Jackson during the Super Bowl in 2004 was completely blown out of proportion. We need to get over ourselves here in America. Janet had nothing to apologize for and the FCC and everyone else freaked out over nothing. It was just a nipple! Something that nourishes babies.. Her career shouldn’t have taken a hit because of it and she had nothing to apologize for. It was an accident.

    • Kay B

      Oh no! An accident? My cool friend I have to disagree. I think it was on purpose and both of them knew it. I bet she doesn’t wear a gold sun on that nipple all the time. I do agree that it wasn’t a big deal. I saw this show once where women were breast feeding in public and men were so offended. Those same men would also watch women in tight shirts walk by. If the same men who sexualize the nipple can’t have it, it’s offensive.

      • Trovoid

        I mean, I can see that. I’m completely on the fence about it and was hesitant to even call it an accident. The lyrics Justin sang right before it happened made it seem like it could’ve been planned. At the same time I’ve heard claims that it was supposed to be a bit racy but they had no intention of her whole breast popping out. I don’t know. Either way, I don’t understand why she had to apologize for something he did.

        People are messed up. I’ve seen signs at libraries and other places that encourage breast feeding, implying that they have no problem with it. I can’t imagine someone complaining.

        • Kay B

          Your last sentence made me laugh. It could have not been intended to happen the way it did. But that gaudy thing on her nipple…..I can’t see her wearing it all the time. Like it was there for a reason that night. But who know? Only they do.

          • Trovoid

            Fashion is weird, who knows? I’m sure that thing on her nipple wasn’t all the comfortable. By the look on her face, she looks shocked when it happened. Justin looks a bit shocked too but you only see his reaction for a second. Maybe he tried to just pull the black part off (not the red bra part)? Either way it was a risky move.

            Haha oh my god! I didn’t even mean that last sentence in that way! I just meant I can’t believe people are offended by it.

          • Kay B

            Ha! Well who wouldn’t want to see boobs I mean come on.

          • Trovoid

            Won’t deny that 🙂

      • Trovoid

        I feel like that black cover was the only part supposed to come off.