Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Nearly Dying Detailed By Ex-Husband: ‘She Began To Turn Blue’


SPIN are reporting new details from Frances Bean Cobain’s ex-husband Isaiah Silva’s new lawsuit alleging Courtney Love tried to have him murdered. Below is Silva’s description of Frances Bean Cobain nearly dying from a seizure.

During that time, COBAIN’s drug use intensified and by the Fall of 2014 COBAIN was again in the grasp of a life-threatening addiction. In November 2014, COBAIN, SILVA, and [redacted] were watching television as a family on the bed when COBAIN experienced a grand mal seizure. COBAIN fell out of the bed and onto the floor. SILVA, with formal CPR training and eight years of experience working with epileptics, dropped to his knees and began to assist COBAIN.

Utterly terrified, [redacted] watched COBAIN violently thrashing on the floor and in a display of courage dialed 9-1-1 from SILVA’s phone then brought the phone to SILVA. SILVA remained on the phone with the 9-1-1 operator for eight minutes while anxiously waiting for the paramedics to arrive. SILVA held his seizing fiancee with his left hand and his distraught daughter with his right hand.

Just moments before the paramedics arrived COBAIN stopped convulsing, seemingly stopped breathing, and began to turn blue. Fearing the worst, SILVA frantically repositioned COBAIN onto her back for CPR compressions when COBAIN sat up astonished, wide-eyed, and gasping for air. Moments later, the paramedics arrived at the family’s Curson Avenue residence and after a thorough assessment concluded that COBAIN was going to be fine.