Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Sounds Like Nirvana On New Song “E”


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain teased a new song titled “E” on her Instagram story on Thursday, uploading a 15-second clip. The early stages of the song have shades of her late Nirvana frontman father’s acoustic leaning material like “Do Re Mi” and some MTV Unplugged performances.

On the 24-year anniversary of her father Kurt Cobain’s death, Frances Bean Cobain shared the first ever teaser of her own original music.

She wrote on Instagram, “A) there are so many memeable moments in this clip B) I’m SUPER restless because i can’t play guitar with long nails so I’m just sitting in my room alone singin to mah self C) not having a TV in my house is the best decision because I’m forced to occupy my time with things that feed my brain & soul instead of wasting energy on thinking about not having to think ? ?? (p.s. pls don’t steal my baby bean of an idea. Thanks.)”

She told a fan in the comments, “It’s my song the lyrics are: ‘I think I saw you when I was small/I think I found you/A penny for your good thoughts/I think I found you/Jesus hangs in your place on the cross/All these hinges become unscrewed/Heaven knows it was a cage on earth.’ I also have a very freaky deeky line that goes ‘Stable sable sold her heart/No one asks her why she hides in a basket in her house in a box/Find a fiend who reigns supreme in May/Fast enough for blooming buds to lay their egg.'”

Watch below!

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    Very nice. But don’t worry you will win Frances.

  • Dave Wight

    She should aim for sounding like something better like the sound of crap coming from one’s ass, who would want to sound like one of the worst bands of all time….could that be a worse comparison. If someone compared my sound to Nirvana I would quit music.

    • Digga Diggadj

      Excuse me sir but your pink sock is hanging out of your ass

      • Olga Stewart

        Ha ha!