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Kurt Cobain Inappropriate Child Claim Revealed

By now, you have heard of the case currently against Nirvana and the estate of Kurt Cobain by Spencer Elden AKA the baby on the cover of the classic record, Nevermind. At first, this all seemed like one big joke, but as more and more information comes out via the personal journal entries of Cobain, the stranger this case gets.

Recently, it was said that undated journals written by Kurt Cobain sketch the album cover in a sexual manner, with semen all over it. In several instances, the journals describe Cobain’s twisted vision for the ‘Nevermind’ album cover, along with his emotional struggles.

Those on the side of Elden’s case brought up a journal entry by Kurt Cobain which stated: “I like to make incisions into the belly of infants then f*ck the incision until the child dies.”

The documents also repeat the claim that the photographer of the famous cover intended to “trigger a visceral sexual response from the viewer” by activating “Spencer’s ‘gag reflex’ before throwing him underwater in poses highlighting and emphasizing Spencer’s exposed genitals.” The documents add: “Weddle (the photographer) soon after produced photographs of Spencer dressed up and depicted as Hugh Hefner.”

Spencer Elden states that the photo of the baby (him) reaching for a dollar in a swimming pool ‘violated federal child pornography statutes and argued child sexual exploitation.’
Some YouTuber’s have taken a dive into Kurt Cobain’s seemingly apparent infatuation with babies, the reproduction system, pregnancy, and mothers and have stated that Cobain did (in their opinion) have some kind of psychological issue stemming from some sort of childhood trauma which was not pinpointed.
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