Dave Grohl Makes Foo Fighters Breakup Claim


The Foo Fighters have been around for a pretty long time now as we look back on such a legendary career that the band has had. Of course, not all has always been well as the drama has brewed in the band with former bandmates and we must not forget that the band was formed heading into what would become the tragic end to Nirvana. While some critics feel that the Foo have lost their touch from where they were so many years ago; others beg to disagree and feel that the band still has a very long way to go as they see the light at the end of the tunnel for the last year’s inductees into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

While Dave Grohl is in there twice which is an incredible feat that is not done by many others. Taylor Hawkins could also see himself in there twice once Alanis Morissette sees herself (and the band) in there as well.

The biggest question is if the Foo Fighters will continue to work as they have as a full-on unit or if it’s time to take a step back with life passing them by. Dave Grohl has thought about this.

Much to our enjoyment, Dave has only plotted a Foo Fighters break up if it were staged to pull a prank on fans and music lovers alike. Dave has always been a prankster since the Nirvana days and it shows as he stated: “I had a ridiculous idea a few years ago that before the release of one of our records we would each write a biography in which we would each talk shit about the other members,” Grohl told the Sun in a new interview. “They’d all come out the same day and then we’d have a press conference saying that after reading each others’ books we’d decided we all hated each other and were breaking up.” He continued: “And then the idea was a couple of weeks later we’d announce the Reunion Tour just for a joke. We didn’t do it, but I thought it was a funny plan.”

Surely, there would be laughs and cries.