Kurt Cobain Legal Battle Over Death Photos Heads To Court


The Kurt Cobain murder conspiracy nuts won’t let go.

The Blast reported in October 2017 that Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain were hoping to put an end once and for all to one person’s quest to try and get Kurt Cobain‘s graphic death photos released to the public.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Love and Cobain claimed they would suffer “substantial and irreparable damage” if the photos ever saw the light of day.

The mother/daughter combo filed their response to help the city of Seattle fight a lawsuit from a ‘reporter’ named Richard Lee, a conspiracy theorist who believes Cobain did not kill himself.

Back in 2014, Lee sued the city to try and get the photos released. The photos in question, according to court documents, show “Kurt Cobain’s body as it lay in the family residence after he was shot in the head.”

Lee has spent 23 years investigating Cobain’s death and believes the rock legend was actually killed in a conspiracy involving multiple government officials. He lost his original suit in 2015, but filed an appeal last year.

Love and Cobain have testified in this case before. Love has said Cobain’s death “was the most traumatic experience of my life. It left me physically distraught and I continue to suffer emotionally from the loss of my husband to this day.”

Frances Bean testified that the while she has no memory of her father, she “has had to deal with the trauma of his death her entire life.”

On April 21, 2016, Love filed a declaration accusing Lee of trying to exploit Cobain’s death and claiming Lee has “stalked and harassed me, my family, and my friends for many, many years … On one particular occasion, Mr. Lee even filmed himself chasing a limousine for several miles that he thought I was a passenger in. Mr. Lee’s actions make me fear for my safety.”

Newsweek reports that Lee filed an appeal after his request was denied, and the Washington State Court of Appeals is hearing oral arguments of his case against the Seattle Police Department on Monday.

  • Raj

    This guy is sick the Seattle PD already released photos a of a deceased Cobain showing parts of his arm, leg, etc. no one needs to see the rest. How would Mr. Lee like someone release photos of his dead relatives? This guy needs to be locked up for wasting taxpayer money.

    • Olga Stewart

      I couldn’t agree more.

  • Izzy Heil

    You call this journalism?

  • Joaney Bones

    A suicide is a crime scene! A crime scene is PUBLIC DOMAIN. Period. Right to Privacy is lost once law enforcement is involved…anywhere in the country…doesn’t matter if you are “famous”…taxpayer money is being spent to investigate. Just like mugshots or a uniform video…you have no Right To Privacy because it is PUBLIC DOMAIN once Police are involved. Even a POTUS, like JFK, had zero privacy about death photos.
    On another note, Colbains “suicide” is highly suspicious and has been since day one. Very likely Colbain simply passed out from hard partying and someone present murdered him and staged a “suicide”. Happens all the time people. It is time to remove doubts, the public has a right to know….who murdered Curt Colbain.

    • Joaney Bones

      RIP Colbain. You were screwed. Poor Guy.

    • Olga Stewart

      Do Jury’s family members (outside of his daughter) need to see those photos again?

      Do they again need to be reminded of both their pain and loss in such a way?

      • Jay Cobain

        What do you mean the Jury??

        • Corndog

          Typo. She meant Kurt.

          • Olga Stewart

            Thank you. :).

          • Corndog

            No worries Olga:)

        • Olga Stewart


  • Jay Cobain

    I actually agree with Richard Lee on this.. there is a lot of photos out there of dead celebrities from Chris Farley to Robin Williams and I never once viewed those pics and never will. Why? Because I don’t like looking at those types of pictures but unfortunately with Kurt Cobains case so many things do not add up and I want to know answers and I truly believe if those pictures get released it will be a game changer. I do feel sorry for poor Frances because she can’t help what happened then Burbank for Courtney to lie in the court documents like when she said she still suffers from her husbands deaths thsrs sad and ridiculous. Shortly after Kurt was dead she was sleeping with Billy from smashing pumpkins and ect she’s don’t care about Kurt she only cared for that fame and money. She knows that if those pictures get out she will be done and over. Because if those pictures are released experts can view them and would blow the whistle and call BS on the suicide verdict fast. We would’ve see Kurt’s right hand and see if it actually had the death spasm they claimed bc in the last pics released in 2014 shows KURTs right hand and it’s not clinched with the death spasm that he supposedly had. Why? Because he was likely already dead form the drugs before the trigger was actually pulled and the lack of blood would be a major factor In this case Lack of blood at the scene would also indicate that he was dead when the trigger was pulled because he likely didn’t have blood pressure because he was dead and his heart stopped pumping blood so when the trigger was pulled a little bit of blood flowed from one ear and his nose like a slow trickle.. anyone with common sense knows if a living person puts a barrel in his or hers mouth an pulls the trigger the blood flow is like a roaring waterfall unfortunately bc when I was younger I had the misfortune to view one of those disgusting snuff films with deaths like suicide by a gunshot into the mouth and Kurt didn’t have that blood flow bc what blood came out was the blood that was left in his lifeless body bc of no blood pressure and that is why Courtney can not let these pics get out and we would also see the way to long shotgun with the muzzle on the end that Kurt likely couldn’t of pulled himself.. look at the one pic of him laying on the floor from outside of the greenhouse it’s the famous picture where you see nothing but his right side with the one detective squatting down and writing.. you will notice the butt of the gun Is by his feet.. that is one long gun lol it’s bc the person that actually pulled the trigger had to make sure the tip of the barrel was around Kurt’s chin to make it appear that he pulled the trigger to commit suicide.. well the gun was actually to long for Kurt to do so.. if the butt is at his feet the trigger would be around his knees and he couldn’t reach it.. the killer wanted to appear that Kurt was actually sitting up while sitting on the floor with the barrel in his mouth an that would not be possible bc the butt would of moved farther up towards his knees bc Kurt supposedly had a death grip on the gun so if Kurt was sitting up an shot him self and had the death grip then he would definitely fall on his back bringing the gun with him so the butt placement does add up if he had the so call death grip.. the killer didn’t think about everything obviously so supposedly the electrician that found Kurt said that his hair looked like someone brushed it.. I use to wonder why he said that.. as I got older and learned more details about the case that became obvious why he said that.. bc like I said previously Kurt was killed while on his back but the killer wanted to make it appear that Kurt was sitting up on the floor and then shots himself so killer brushed the hair to make it appear that Kurt fell back and his hair blew out before his head landed on the floor.. this is why these pics need to be released so Kurt Cobain can have justice but I just wish they would release the pics to outside experts tho not for me and you but unfortunately that’s not how it works.. but if they do get released I promise Kurt will get justice finally.. if they release them in 2018 I bet the case will be reopened by 2020 or sooner.. Come on people think about what’s right and why was the shell on the wrong side of the body? Why was their 3 shells loaded in a gun if kirt supposedly loaded the gun in th greenhouse to kill him self?? Who ever stage the scene shouldn’t of put that bag of shells at Kurt’s feet but I guess they thought it was a nice touch but it actually makes it more strange..Go now and look at the drug kit in the pics they released in 2014 it was staged lol look at the needles and spoon they weren’t even used during this so called suicide the caps are on and the needles look fresh and clean and why did Kurt put the spoon in the box with a ball of black tar on it?? It’s stupid funny to me bc I know what I’m looking at lol but some people don’t.. someone set that kit up to make it appear that he was using it but that’s not the case

  • Jay Cobain

    Lol this guy removes honest comments lol anyways justice for Kurt Cobain and Richard Lee I listen to your argument in Courtney loves lawyers lol I’m sure you will win bc the judge seems like he wants to get to the bottom of this case once for all yah I’m so ready for this case to be reopened and once they released the pictures, well it will be reopened

    • Corndog

      What guy? What comments?