Rage Against The Machine Banned From Saturday Night Live For Shocking Reason


Prophets of Rage and Cypress Hill’s B-Real was asked by Music Feeds in a new interview about the lack of rebellion in rock in 2018, to which he replied (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar):

“Everybody is afraid to lose their position. If you’re someone that the industry is constantly supporting, moving along and pushing… to risk that, people don’t want.

“‘Cause it’s not every day that you get support of the whole industry pushing and guiding your career. The people who have it laid out, they don’t want to risk that, they don’t want to rock the boat.

“And that’s cool, that’s why we exist, we’ll rock that fucking boat. [Chuckles]”

And speaking of rebellious behavior, B-Real talked about both Rage Against the Machine and Cypress Hill being banned from Saturday Night Live, saying:

“It’s funny, two of the bands that comprise this one band are banned forever from Saturday Night Live. I believe they hung the flag upside down and we smoked weed on live TV, so that warranted a lifetime ban.”