Kurt Cobain’s Shocking Remarks About Nirvana Bandmates At Final Show Finally Revealed


In a new MOJO magazine article about Nirvana’s Reading 1992 performance, Melvins frontman Buzz Osbourne revealed that Kurt Cobain told him at Nirvana’s final show in 1994 that he’d rather be a solo artist than play with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic.

Buzz Osbourne: The last thing he ever said to me, at the very last show they ever played…He was on stage, he looked at the other two guys in the band, and he looked back at me and said, ‘I should just be doing this solo.’ So you tell me what that means..Reading Festival was another nail in the coffin and I’m not happy about any of it.

Donita Sparks: The reaction that night was not a shock, it’s exactly what it should have been with their momentum and their assault. I was sitting side of the stage – I was next to Dave Grohl’s mother – and it was just steam in front of us, coming up off the audience. It looked incredible.

Scott Kannenberg: There was a chill in our bones because it finally felt like our music was winning. Yeah, we were part of that whole scene who grew up around indie rock. Now that music was headlining festivals. It didn’t last long.

Norman Blake:
It wasn’t surprising that their earlier stuff [Blew, School, Negative Creep] connected too, because it was riff-based. People sing White Stripes songs at football terraces because of that riff-based sound – there was this simplicity that everyone could identify with.

  • Corey Jones

    Oh shut up

  • Corndog

    Isn’t that essentially what he was doing anyway, playing solo? I mean he wrote everything himself anyway, right? If he was playing solo he would still need a backing band, so i really don’t see what the difference was whether it was those 2 or 2 other no names. Cobain really was a whiny wee prick.

    • Gard

      Like Cobain a hell of alot more then Dave Grohl.

      • Corndog

        Yeah man, i’ll give you that one. I can’t stand Grohl. His whole persona comes across as so fake and disingenuous to me, like he practices it in front of a mirror before he goes out or something. Really not a fan of his pop rock music either.

        • Gard

          Thank you. Im finally finding more people who see him the way I do. So many people think hes so great, when hes just so over-rated. Its exactly it his annoying “hell ya, rock on” attitude is so fake and staged it drives me nuts. Its also funny because hes told stories how hes showed Cobain his early Foo Fighters stuff and apparently he loved it. Which I find really hard to believe, pretty sure Dave made up some bullshit on that one. Foo Fighters are not Cobain’s style. Still believe the only reason him and his band are famous is because of Nirvana. Its the truth. Dave cant write a beautiful song if his life depended on it. Its all average mediocre bullshit.

          • Corndog

            Yeah i would be inclined to agree. I don’t think there would have been much interest in The Foo Fighters if He hadn’t been in Nirvana first.

            He really gets on my tits. He’s like a caricature.

          • Gard

            And he always has to be everywhere. Which makes it even worse because once again hes super annoying. I also loved how he doesnt allow his drummer to write any of there drum parts on the album but he’ll have Paul McCartney play drums on a track lol. Or also when he sat in that throne and everyone thought it was amazing haha so lame

          • JoelS

            Your entire comment comes off like a jealous high school girl. You don’t have any clue if Kurt would have liked Dave’s early Foo tracks because you’ve never met Kurt Cobain and most importantly, you, nor anybody else knew what was going on in Kurt’s mind. Secondly, FF might have gotten initial attention from their Nirvana connection, but a band sure as hell doesn’t continue to play arenas 24 years later from riding a dead guy’s coattails.

          • astrocreep7

            I believe Dave most likely did show Kurt some early tracks. That first album leaned more toward a “raw grungy” sound. He probably liked some riffs. I don’t think he would lie about that when Krist and Pat would know the truth.

            It would have been cool to have that songwriting combination for the next record. Kurt’s mellow/angst melodies along with Dave’s driving power rock type of style. ‘Scentless Apprentice’ is a good example of the track being 50/50 songwriting. At least, that’s what I always think it would have been like.

          • Hwang Sunghyeop

            You should listene to their 4th on the youtube. Find Nirvana 4. You may know it.

          • Hwang Sunghyeop

            Still believe the only reason him and his band are famous is because of Nirvana.
            Not all but I believe that. Because I listen to FF for thr first time to find Nirvana again. Most people did like me and became a fan.

    • Ari

      If you haven’t figured it out, you a freaking idiot. All this guy has ever done is try to get a little of Kurt’s lime light, he’s nothing but a lying piece of shit and he was so jealous of Nirvana’s talent he would say anything to try to hurt the other band members. It probably also has something to do with the fact Dave Grohl didn’t want to sing with him on his new album. Who would, buzz osbourne is a washed up old has been, actually he never was so I don’t think he could even be a has been.

      • Corndog

        I wasn’t talking about Buzz, genius…


    The lot of what Buzz is saying is rubbish.

    1. Cobain had bronchitis at that concert
    2. Cobain had a history of depression.
    3. Cobain was most probably using heroin again.
    4. This concert was not long before he overdosed in Rome.
    5. The tour was exhausting.
    6. They were all burned out.
    7. Courtney Love was probably in his ear telling him he was the star and the lads had no talent.

    There’s no proper context to this shit at all.

    8. It was Courtney that got Kurt to restructure the money percentages so Krist and Dave could not get an equal share.

    • Charlie

      What’s your source for saying Courtney got Kurt to restructure his (music) finances? Heavier Than Heaven says that Kurt did that after reading Donald Passman’s great book on the music business (which now has a billion editions out there).

  • clouds

    Go and find something current and more interesting to say Buzz. Gossiping about something that might have happened more than 20 years ago is just lousy and pathetic.

  • Bruno Sílvio Martins

    Can’t stand Buzz. Enough with the hate, dude…

  • Ari

    What a complete loser. Look at all this guy has said about Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, he’s a piece of shit and has tried to get as much attention from Kurt’s death as anybody I’ve ever seen. Even Courtney Love isn’t as nasty and two faced as this piece of shit is.

  • the truth

    Kurt Cobain was a whiny, drug-addled dick who couldn’t cope with being a whiny, drug-addled dick. End of story.