How Layne Staley Became Real Life Superhero Will Melt Your Heart


Doug McCausland and Tim Branom have an editorial piece that will be published soon on Alternative Nation about a guitar from Alice In Chains’ early days, and we thought it would be fitting to publish this excerpt from the upcoming article as Thanksgiving comes to a close:

Tim and Layne bonded during this time. At one point, the both of them ended up homeless together: “After we finished the studio recordings, somehow Layne and I had nowhere to live, and we ended up both living together in his rehearsal room at the Music Bank. We kept our clothes in just a couple of plastic bags, and then I had my Flying V in the corner of the room.”

“I had a sleeping bag on the floor and Layne slept on the couch. Above the couch was a family portrait that he had put up as a joke. But Layne was not able to make the same photo session as the rest of his family, so the photographer just inserted Layne into the photo, but at a much larger size than the rest of his family. We would refer to the giant in the family photo as ‘Super Layne.’ Every once in a while, I would pull out the Flying V, Layne would get on the drums and we would play some very bad music while laughing at Super Layne.”

  • Getting some real mileage out of this melt your heart crap.

    • Dms

      I know right.

  • Ryan

    Brett for the love of god/allah or whoever, cut the fucking ‘melt your heart’ bit. Buy a thesaurus, read those book things you can buy in shops, go to a library or something. Your ‘writing’ is truly fucking awful; my dog’s prose is better than shambles of attempts

    • Diana

      I know i know but the “super Layne“ story did make me go “aww”.