Legendary Seattle Singer On Why Chris Cornell Was ‘Very Tortured’ And It ‘Came Back To Take Him’


Heart’s Nancy Wilson discussed Chris Cornell’s death in a new Ultimate Classic Rock interview.

“His whole family was very musical — his brothers and sisters. They all were incredible singers and really studied. They were very studied musicians and very knowledgeable, and just a very interesting family.

It was just really hard to feel that Chris finally kind of succumbed to his own …. He’d always been very tortured and felt things extremely … . He was an extreme emotionalist about everything. So I don’t think there was any middle ground with him. It was either all the way up or all the way down. It’s too bad that finally came back to take him. Because he had so much to give the world, musically and personally. It was really a sad day, and I had a hard time with that. I’m still kind of wobbly.”

She added, “Yeah, it’s just so wrong and so …it shouldn’t happen. That stuff shouldn’t ever happen. But there it is.”

  • Heather Previs

    It annoys me that Nancy Wilson feels the need to discuss him as being tortured- she’s annoying period

    • Trovoid

      I mean he was a very sensitive guy but maybe tortured was a bit of a stretch? Or not, maybe she was just referring to his severe depression and anxiety. Chris never made it a secret when he was younger.

    • prettyvacant

      I bet many people find you annoying. I just did.

      • Heather Previs


    • Carolyn

      Tortured might be a little strong of a word, but many of us feel deeply. It can be an internal torture to have feelings about everything – especially when most people have zero feelings for anything but themselves. Plus, he was a Cancer. All about feelings.

  • Bilbo

    These things are really not that clear cut. If you really look into it, Alice in Chains stuff is much darker than Soundgarden’s, and Cantrell wrote must of that stuff.

    • Trovoid

      I wouldn’t say darker, just less cryptic than Soundgarden.

  • Gabi Sermoneta

    Ann Wilson from Heart gave a far better picture of Chris in her interview with Billboard as soon as Chris passed away. It will be out on June 3rd and I think it is really worth reading it (there was a sneak peak days ago). I am not sure that Nancy is right here about his family being “musical”. I watched an interview with Chris (very young) and he was actually saying that none in his family had any connection with music . I should be able to find the link and post it

  • Raj

    I don’t think tortured is wrong, i think guys
    like Cobain, Staley, Weiland and Cornell had really bad problems stemming from childhood divorced parents being bullied isolated all compounded with heavy drug use and poor coping skills is something they all could never come to terms with.

    • Trovoid

      Yup, those are formative years. I know Weiland did therapy and took bipolar meds. Ativan clearly wasn’t helping Chris. Besides that, none of those guys really got help. Mental health is getting more awareness but not enough.