Motley Crue Icon Seen By Girlfriend With Young Women


Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil recently filmed a video with three beautiful young women in a bar for a ‘Last Call Beverage’ promotion, and Neil’s girlfriend Rain Hannah was thrilled when she caught wind of the video. Tommy Lee rejected a ‘sick’ Motley Crue wife demand recently.

Hope McBane wrote about the video, “BTS filming with @lastcallbeverage @qteesgolfgirls.#AD #LastCallBeverage #itreallyworks #flavorful #HRMTalentAgency #IG #Contest #hangovercure #hangoverdrink #feelbetter #fresh #vitamins”

Rain Hannah commented, “😍.”

BadMoonRosin wrote on Reddit about Tommy Lee recently making some bold political posts being critical of President Trump, “Been following the Crue for about 35 years now. Love Tommy. BUT… he’s never been the slightest bit political, even during the Regan era or the Bush wars. This just kinda smells like, “I saw Trump mentioned Crissy Tiegan this week, and her profile blew up. Maybe I can get him to mention me.”

Another fan named reddit_fool12 posted about The Dirt biopic, “Hmmmm. Where do I begin? Let’s see. Back in April when I first watched The Dirt, I was blown away by Daniel Webber’s voice. I thought maybe they might release him actually singing in the soundtrack, but no. It was just the regular songs remastered. I’m trying to see where can I find audio of him actually singing the songs?” Nikki Sixx revealed how much weight he is losing in a new photo.