Limp Bizkit Guitarist Opens Up About ‘Troubled Guy’ Chester Bennington


Metal Wani recently interviewed with Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland. Borland was asked about Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who died by suicide this past summer.

Borland said: “I only met him two times in my life. I only met him twice in passing. We played one show together where I remember talking to him and talking to all those guys. And then I ended up seeing him at a store in a mall somewhere one time. And it was just, like, ‘Oh, hey, man, how’s it going?’ And those were the two times I ever was around him.

So, I don’t know. I’ve heard he was a really troubled guy; I didn’t know that about him. I didn’t really know anything about him. And it’s terrible that people get to a place where they feel like they need to end their lives.”

  • Olga Stewart

    It’s beyond terrible when someone wants to end their life.

    Which is why I wish people would really stop judging and try to understand why some people end up in this place.

    People need people. And they need to help each other. Not judge each other.

  • Kay B

    I like Wes. I am strangely attracted to him.

    • Trovoid

      Haha. Even in the YouTube thumbnail with that makeup on? Or without the makeup?

      • Kay B

        Both but preferably in his black costume with the white face and black Mohawk. He is attractive without make up which is a plus.

        • Olga Stewart

          I looked up his photos.

          And yes, he is quite the looker. :).

          • Kay B

            I always wondered why he was in such a shit band. He could have done better.