Eddie Van Halen Cryptic Sammy Hagar Rumor Revealed


There has been a lot of speculation regarding if there could be a Van Halen reunion tour, with many fans wishing that the original lineup would reunite, and in a perfect world also have Sammy Hagar featured on the tour. Hagar recently revealed an emotional private message he sent to Eddie Van Halen. Now a new rumor on a popular Van Halen forum is suggesting that Eddie is set to pay tribute to Hagar.

nobozos posted on VHLinks, “Warning. This is pure speculation based on something I’ve become aware of, and I have no inside information to back this up. Unfortunately, I can’t say specifically what that is until after July first, but I’ll try to beat around the edges of it as much as I can.

I became aware that Eddie is going to pay tribute to Sammy Hagar in a very public and official way, without saying it.. Those who see it will know it when they do. That’s all I can really say until I’m cleared to say more.

That led me to speculate just why he would do that. The only thing that made any sense was that Sammy would be joining them for a final tour, and that we could possibly get a Sam/Dave reunion tour that included Michael Anthony.

I know there has already been speculation on this happening, but when I found out about what EVH is going to do this summer, there would be no other reason to do it unless Sammy was a part of something.

Sorry this is so cryptic. I know it sounds like all the other bullshit posts speculating about the band, but when you actually see what I’m talking about, and the amount of money, and time it would take for Eddie to do it, there has to be some kind of commitment to Sammy.

The information I’m talking about is available to other people, but they are not supposed to officially talk about it until July, and even then, they would have to actually look at it and put it together.”

He later wrote, “I wish I could just come right out and say what it is, but I’m sworn to secrecy. It’s not inside band information or anything like that. It’s something Eddie is going to do, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why he would do it, unless it meant something was going on with Sammy. The rest is just based on past things we all know.

Dave recently said something is happening. Sammy has long said that he wouldn’t do anything without doing a Sam/Dave tour with Mike. We know there has been communication with them trying to put something together with Mike, although he is now denying anything is happening. When you put all that together with what I’ve been made aware of, it seems like it’s reasonable to conclude there has been some kind of commitment made to Sammy.

Read my recent posts and do some research, and you may be able to find what I’m talking about. Sorry for the riddle, but I can’t come out and say what it is. It’s not necessarily a by-name tribute to Sammy Hagar, but when it happens, you will get it.”

Michael Anthony told Eddie Trunk on SiriusXM recently this week that if things had gone to plan, he would have been rehearsing with Van Halen right now for a summer reunion tour.

“The reason The Circle is taking a break right now is that if things would have worked out as they were starting to go and was planned, we would have been in pre-production rehearsals with Van Halen right now.”

“I’m sure you know Sammy [Hagar] had made a statement [earlier in the year] saying I was offered [to do a tour with Van Halen]. And I can tell you, I spoke with [Van Halen’s manager] Irving Azoff last October — that’s when I first heard from him — and he asked if I would be interested in any kind of a reunion, and I told him, I said, ‘Yeah.’ I was finishing up a couple of shows with Sammy and I said, ‘Yeah, I’d be interested to hear what you guys have going on. I’ve got these few dates left, and give me a call.’

And I never heard a call back. And then, right after the first of the year, I got… David Lee Roth’s, Dave’s business manager or lawyer, or something, got ahold of me about a meeting or something. And so at that point, I gave it over to our manager, because I didn’t wanna start getting in this whole thing — I wanted to do it the correct way, especially after the way things went for me in 2004.

“From what I’ve heard, and I haven’t spoken to any of the guys, they were gonna try to plan a thing for this summer. And for whatever reason… I was never… My people were never… They never got in touch with us about any kind of a contract or any kind of a meeting to discuss or whatever. And the next thing I knew, the plug got pulled on it.”