Listen To Stone Temple Pilots’ Incredible Debut Performance With New Singer


Stone Temple Pilots’ debut rehearsal performance recorded Monday with their new singer Jeff Gutt aired on SiriusXM last night. STP performed “Down,” “Coma,” and “Piece of Pie.” You can listen to audio of the performance by clicking here.

STP performed their first live concert at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. That concert will air in its entirety tonight. The band performed a hit filled setlist, and banned cell phones from the intimate performance.

STP will release a new single titled “Meadow” within the next couple of days. The band’s seventh studio album is completed and will be released soon, their first full length album since 2010’s Stone Temple Pilots, and their first new music since 2013’s High Rise EP. It will be STP’s first full length studio album without Scott Weiland.

Troubadour Setlist:
Wicked Garden
Interstate Love Song
Big Empty
Still Remains
Kick Out The Jams (with Wayne Kramer)
Sex Type Thing
Tripping’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart
Piece of Pie

Below are lower quality recordings of the rehearsal set. You can also see a rehearsal photo of STP with Wayne Kramer.

  • Raj

    Gutt is doing pretty good, he does justice to the old material. Sweet to hear them play Down, Coma and a classic in Piece of Pie. I can hear a lot of elements of Scott in his voice. Good luck to him. I think like Duvall he will be able to handle it.

    • Kay B

      I think Jeff’s voice and charisma > Duvall’s.

  • Bilbo

    He really killed on Down! Anxious to listen to the whole concert and also to get some video. I never liked Chester in STP, but this guy seems to fit in fine. The new music is going to be the deal breaker, really.

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    I hope to see his good vocal melodies in new songs. With his own melodies.

  • rt316

    Ok, Jeff Gutt sounds f’n amazing. Chester was good, but this guy sounds much better. In every song I can hear Scott in his voice. Wow.

  • timmy hendero

    close your eyes and it sounds like Weiland 100% , good luck to them , not interested in STP version 3

  • Kay B

    Jeff looks like Eric’s younger brother from another motha.