Major Band Releases Eerie New Suicide Song After ‘Difficult’ Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington Deaths


Evanescence have released a new single titled “Imperfection.” The track is a plea to someone who feels suicidal not to give in to the darkness, and Amy Lee says she started working on it in February and completed it in August, and it tragically ended up being prophetic. In between, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington both died by suicide, and the losses hit Lee hard.

“It’s very sad and very difficult to watch people so close in our circle struggle that way and to actually lose them,” she tells Billboard in a new interview. “That’s something that rocked the world, but especially the rock industry.”

Lee wanted to write “Imperfection” due to hearing about fans grappling with similar emotional issues. She says Evanescence’s music is a place where people go “to feel like they can connect [with] something that’s hard to talk about — meaning pain, struggle. I think it’s a misconception for people to think our music is depressing. It’s hopeful; it’s always been hopeful. I want that to be the message from us: that there is hope and that we’re searching for something better… We want to do what we can to reach our hand out and say, ‘This life is worth living,’ because I really do believe that.”

She observes, “I have my own issues, my own flaws, my own struggles. I think a lot of the time that I’m writing songs [they] are [to] some degree motivational, like, ‘Come on, pull out of it.’ Most of the time, I’m talking to myself. It’s a beautiful thing that it extends itself to helping other people.”

  • Olga Stewart

    This is an amazing song.

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  • jeff

    Not nearly as good as “Wake me up”. Looks like she’s gained weight.

    • Olga Stewart

      I think she had a baby.