Major Pearl Jam Announcement Could Be Imminent


hadrielia posted on the Ten Club forums regarding rumored 2018 Pearl Jam tour dates:

In Spain the whisperers are advising to join 10c before November 6th.. I hope that’s true

Pearl Jam expert dimitrispearljam responded:

“if we get announcement this soon will be so great for book flights!1is the cheaper u can get when u book november!!”

He also posted, “as for europe tour announcements..
13th dec 2013 was announcement of 2014 tour
8th dec 2011 was 2012 europe tour
7th dec 2009 was for 2010 tour

so its all happening first 2 weeks of december.”

He wrote as well about the tour, “the thing with tours is ,there are so many hopes and dream places to see them

in europe,perfect for me will be croatia,iceland,finland,hungary,scotland,wales ..BUT
we follow this band so many years.we see how they we have to be realistic
big market,big countries gets the shows

its how it is,,thats why there are usual suspect countries they get shows always..and everty now and then

a random small town oir country gets one show,like was arras in 2010,-12..or bilbao in 2010 or belfast same year..,and thats,,i know finland waits so may years..same scotland..,same hungary,same slovenia,and list goes on..

i llisten pj plays europe my mind goes directly to specific countries and im not day dreming ..
same if i hear world tour..means na-sa-europe-australia.

.africa and asia,dont even cross my mind.”