Trigram Will Rock Your Face Off!


If you’re looking for to discover that next great band for the new year, look no further than Trigram. Hailing from Los Angeles, Trigram deliver the goods with their own chaotically beautiful brand of industrial-infused rock. In your face, brooding and wonderfully layered, the band’s freshly released self-titled EP is an absolute must listen for fans of early-00’s rock and metal.

The EP packs a mighty punch. Consisting of four in your face hard rock cuts, it lays out the perfect serving size to wet your appetite while still leaving you wanting more. David Lee Roth blatantly spoke of the true power of an EP before releasing his solo debut, Crazy From the Heat, more than thirty years ago. And to Mr. Roth’s point, Trigram more than eliminated any of the fat and went straight for the throat of their EP, here.

With a lot of bands, you can hear one song and you can tell whether or not they truly have the goods. Take the opening track here, “Assimilate.” The meat of the track lays wonderfully over an atmospheric, pulsating background while building and building as the track progresses.  You can’t put a price on a strong rhythm section. Therein lies the ability to make or break a song. The fantastic bass drum work here multi-instrumentalist Brian Mansell carry the track into greatness.

Speaking of Mansell, delivers one hell of an insane, well-orchestrated, blink and you’ll miss it guitar solo. Drenched in thick fuzz and wah-wah Heaven, the solo stands out as the highlight of a monster track. The solo lends to the idea that if he wanted to, Mansell could have melted your face with his leads. But you feel a sense of him holding back a bit; preferring to serve the song rather than try and show off. The mark of a great musician.

Despite the musical dominance of the track, vocalist Rodney Warner’s vocals aren’t lost here. His voice reminds of a time when rock singers sang what they meant and meant what they sang. His influences no doubt peak through his singing style throughout the EP, but his voice possesses an originality too often lost in rock music nowadays.

Trigram planted the seeds for a bountiful future on this EP. The band’s potential is on full display while still showcasing their superior ability to craft hard-hitting, devastatingly intricate music while remaining true to the heart of their music. Make sure to check out Trigram across their various social media sites, the fantastic video for “Assimilate” and make sure to check out this EP!