Marilyn Manson Takes Off Shirt And Shows Off Gut


Marilyn Manson took off part of his shirt at a recent concert and showed off his beautiful gut. You can see the photo below.

He called his cats ‘assholes’ in a new Kerrang interview “My cats, William ‘Bright Boy’ Manson, and Rusty Manson. They’re a year old and they’re assholes. They’re Devon Rexes, short-haired British cats, so technically that’s your fault. They’re a cross-breed, and they get called ‘monkeys in cat suits’. I know they’re going to fuck up my Christmas tree, William wil just look at me, swipe my drink onto the floor, then look at me again like, [nonchalantly], ‘What? They’re really ornery, it’s like having terrible children. Maybe I should get them drum kits…'”

He also discussed a book Johnny Depp gave him about drugs, “The first book that Johnny Deep ever gave me – and I say Johnny Depp because we’ve always had a pact to use our full names – was Jean Cocteau’s Opium,” Manson says, “It talks about the pleasure of being on drugs, but also cautions that you’ll have all these ideas but you can’t grasp them or benefit from them. That made a lot of sense to me. You can indulge in cocaine or absinthe or whatever and you get all these crazy ideas, but you don’t end up doing anything about them, and that’s what I was tired of doing in life. I was tired of having so many ideas and not completing them. So I had to eliminate worthless conversations, drugs that confuse me, and everything that is negative. I’m not sober – life should never be a straight line, because that’s boring – but if you keep doing things that are fucking shit up, stop doing it.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    He’s not 25 anymore, give him a break. Dr. Fisch and others have said if you have a 6 pack after 30 as a male, something’s probably not right. I’m not heavy or thin but this really isn’t news.

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  • HippieChic61

    That’s not fat, that’s prosperity!