Alice In Chains Reveal Huge New Album News


Alice In Chains finished recording their sixth studio album on January 12, 2018. Producer Nick Raskulinecz wrote on Instagram on January 11th, “1 more day with AIC!!! Wrapping up record #3!!! I think this is the best one we’ve made so far!!!” AIC revealed last year that they were beginning work on a new album.

AIC’s last album was The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here in 2013. Since then the band have intermittently toured, including shows opening for Guns N’ Roses in summer 2016. Jerry Cantrell recently performed with the surviving members of The Doors, and last year he released his first solo song in over a decade “A Job To Do” for the John Wick 2 soundtrack.

1 more day with AIC!!! Wrapping up record #3!!! I think this is the best one we've made so far!!!

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Studio B @Henson (the old A&M) in Hollywood CA.SICK console!! 56 ch SSL 6kLOVE THIS ROOM!!

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WWE in the control room!!! Wrestling and ROCK!!!🤘🏼

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In a Let There Be Talk podcast interview, Jerry Cantrell discussed Alice In Chains’ decision to stop touring around the time their self-titled ‘Tripod’ album was released in 1995, outside of a few rare 1996 performances. Host Dean Delray mentioned the Tripod album being under-appreciated, and Cantrell discussed where the band were at in 1995 and 1996.

“It’s an absolutely different record. I think that the reason probably that record [is underrated], it was a number one record, it debuted at number one, it did really well that way, but we didn’t tour it. That’s why probably [it’s underrated]. We did two and a half years of touring on Dirt, and we did two years of touring on Facelift. We took it everywhere, we got in everybody’s face with it, but at that particular point, that was when we had kind of decided to kind of take a break, because we were pretty burnt out.”

“We didn’t really [tour the self-titled record], that was pretty much the end of it, as far as touring.”

“We did a couple of shows for that [with KISS], we did an Unplugged, and that was pretty much it.”

“That was a really cool show. It’s one of those things that you shoot for when you’re a performer like yourself or me. You’re shooting for that, you can never plan on it, you can never guess when it’s going to happen, but those magical kind of things, you just can’t do anything wrong. You’re just in sync, and it’s all cool, it’s powerful.

That’s what that gig was, it was like a perfect day, it was a perfect day and perfect experience. The banter back and forth between us and the audience, it was just fun. Everybody was like in a rehearsal room, and that’s one of the records that people comment to me about a lot, is that record.”

  • Joe Costigan

    I posted some of those pics in a thread here weeks ago and broke the news 🙂

  • Raj

    Looking forward to it!

  • Shane99

    I’ve got my ticket for May 1st. Amazing venue. Massey Hall in Toronto. I’ve got one of the best seats in the house!

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  • Eddie Yarler

    If Nick has confirmed it then I’d say we’re good to go. Stone Temple Pilots with Jeff Gutt, Red Sun Rising, Jonathan Davis, and now Alice in Chains. 2018 is going to be the definitive year of the decade for me musically.

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    • Nicholas McCrae Kimble

      That ain’t new. What are you talking about?

  • dakotablue

    Unplugged is one of AIC’s very best! There was a time of intensely mourning/appreciating Layne that I absolutely had to watch the DVD at least once a week. No Excuses

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    Can’t wait for the new album!