Mick Jagger Surprising Dislike Of Led Zeppelin Revealed: ‘It Was Awful’


Led Zeppelin I engineer Glyn Johns discussed The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger and The Beatles guitarist George Harrison reacting to the Mighty Zep in a new SiriusXM interview.

Johns told SiriusXM (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar):

“I was working with The Stones around the same time this record [‘Led Zeppelin’] was made. We were putting together [1968’s] ‘The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus,’ which was a TV show which had a lot of different artists on it.

“Just after I’d finished this record [‘Led Zeppelin’], I was going to a production meeting for that [‘The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus’].

“We were all kicking around ideas of who should be on it and I took this record and played it at the production meeting to Mick [Jagger]. ‘Jimmy [Page] put this band together with John Paul Jones. It’s gonna be absolutely huge!’

“But Mick didn’t get one side of it. Probably still doesn’t.

“I also was working with The Beatles and on my way home from a Beatles session – George Harrison and I lived in the same direction and went past Olympic Studios [in London, UK], which is where I made the [Zeppelin] record.

“I said to him as we left Apple, ‘You should come, follow me to Olympic so I can play you something.’ I got the master out and I went into the studio – in which no-one was in – and I played a bit of the record to him.

“And he didn’t get one side of it either. He thought it was awful.”

  • Stevee

    No accounting for taste.

    • Jean Schreibstein Reed

      exactly, and I personally love the Zep, still do.

  • SuperTroll

    George Harrison thought Indian music was great so I wouldn’t put any value in his opinion.

    • John Ricci

      So because Harrison liked Indian music his opinion doesn’t count? Harrison at least had an open mind about a lot of music and philosophies, so I suspect this account by a sound engineer, 50 years later, is somewhat less than accurate. Your use of the term “Indian music” is like using the term “American music.” Just like in America, there are so many kinds of music in India that you can’t lump them under one definition. Your attitude, however, is really well-described by “SuperTroll.” Your comment definitely tells me that it has no value.

      • SuperTroll

        I’m aware that India has different music styles. I was referring to his love for the boring, droning sitar music style, but I didn’t want to go into detail about which style it was because most people who know George would know what I’m talking about and not just nitpick my comment. Led Zeppelin had a career that was much greater than George’s solo career (and Mick’s) so I’d say that regardless of what my user name may be their opinion (and yours) is of very little value and it shows that they were not a good judge of great music.

        • John Ricci

          Very good. Because Led Zep’s career as a band was better than Harrison’s or Jagger’s solo careers, then neither was a relevant judge of music? I’m not sure whether your original comment or this one is less logical, but you can certainly keep digging. You are working yourself into a deeper hole and showing just how irrelevant your opinion is.

          • SuperTroll

            Well, if you’re going to defend someone who’s knocking one of the biggest bands in history, I’d say your comment is the most illogical.

          • John Ricci

            That comment really makes no sense at all.Did you actually read that before you hit send? I have a news flash for you: There are plenty of great bands that not everyone loves. If you think that Led Zep is so great that everyone MUST love their music, and can make a statement like “George Harrison thought Indian music was great so I wouldn’t put any value in his opinion,” than you really are a fool. Don’t waste time sending any more comments to me because, no matter how annoying or insulting they are, you won’t get a response — which is what you are here for anyway — to annoy people and get a response.

          • SuperTroll

            John, you can’t tell me when to post or when not to post. I was here first. You thought my post was important enough to respond. I didn’t post a reply to one of your threads trying be annoying or insulting because you’re not important to me.

            George was not a good judge of what would be popular in music because he thought Indian sitar music would be popular. How many of those have been in the top 40 in the last 40 years? I can think of one by Tom Petty, and it was great, “Don’t Come Around Here No More”. But it really wasn’t in the boring “Within You, Without You” style. Therefore, his error on Led Zeppelin was no surprise.

            But this is a free country. You are free to listen to George’s sitar music and I am free to listen to Led Zep’s hard rock music. Now, if you want to reply, go ahead, but I won’t read it and I won’t respond any more.

          • John Ricci

            “I was here first!” Are you 12 years old? I didn’t tell you when to post or not to post. And just to show how little you know about music in general, the sitar does not produce the droning sound you apparently do not like — that’s a tanpura. And the sitar has been used in hundreds of rock songs dating from it’s first use in Norwegian Wood, but including songs by the Kinks, Dave Mason, the Moody Blues, the Stones, even the Cowsills, Ricky Nelson, and Elvis. There are hundreds of examples including songs by Steely Dan, Genesis, the Traveling Wilburys, and many many others. Remember “Green Tamborine?”

            Oh, and “Don’t come around here no more” was done on a guitar that was tricked out to sound like a sitar.

            It has been plenty popular as an instrument in rock music. George wasn’t the only one who liked the sitar. You have heard it many times in many songs.

  • Just The Truth

    Keith Richards also disliked Zeppelin. It was their lack of originality I believe. I dug ’em as a kid, not so much now. That’s why I can’t take GVF seriously, they’re copying a band that copied everyone else.

    • Randell

      GVF ??

      • Just The Truth

        Greta Van Fleet

    • what

      No, Keith said it had to do with him thinking the band was “manufactured.”

      It’s not like old blues numbers aren’t peppered throughout the stones catalogue.

      • Just The Truth

        Google it, Keith says he was never a fan of Led Zeppelin. The Stones are influenced by the blues no doubt, but they never took all blue songs and reworked them like Zeppelin did.

      • Just The Truth

        I just watched it again. Keith is wearing a rainbow bananas and he doesn’t use the word “manufactured” one time. He gives Page props, but he never liked the band.

  • Audrey Huggins

    They are awful, then and even more so now since they are always on the radio-yuck. And Robert Plant is weird, impregnating his wife’s sister? Too creepy.

    • mike

      Jump off a bridge honey!

      • doodleboi

        Blow me mikey

        • mike

          Ask Mick to blow you apparently he loves cock!

      • Davy Watson

        Now now, Michael. Its only r’n’r.

    • Wow! Does anyone know why Patti Griffin is no longer with him?

  • mike

    Mick and the boys couldn’t hold the proverbial “jockstrap” of Zep…Stones for the most part were shitty rockers!!!

    • Davy Watson

      Ha! Yeah, shitty rockers that documented the cultural revolution of the 60’s & 70’s through their songs. That’s right … while the other crew were ripping off the Jeff Beck group note for note and singing about fairies, pretty well I might add, but nonetheless! Perspective, I suppose. Escapism vs Reality!

  • John Fembeck

    And I think the Rolling Stones are awful!

    • DowntownJBrn

      And so?

  • Randell

    Funny, as I have said for years ANYTHING The Stones ever did was complety awful.

  • K Holland

    Did anyone notice their was no Quote from Jagger. Some old Engineer trying to keep his name in the news stirs up some sheet.

    • Richard Landais

      I agree. The title is misleading. Click-bait manoeuver on the part of the “journalist”.

      • How does Click-bait work, please? Is money gained by reading this kind of misleading? And how, please?

    • swimologist

      Don’t think he’s far off, though. Pete Townshend said he never liked a single thing by Zep. You can watch him say it on Youtube.

    • Kevin Wayne

      One of the most legendary Engineers of all time. Ask any Pro what the “Glyn Johns method” of setting up drum mics is.

  • Osiris Melo

    Jimmy Page played on Brian Jones’ soundtrack for the movie ‘ A Degree of Murder’. Probably Brian appreciated his music.

  • mickeybh

    You Stones haters don’t know music very well. They have more forgotten songs than Zep’s whole catalouge. I love Zep music but tired of it trufully. Still listen to the Stones all the time. No getting tired of the Stones.

  • brian

    Stones still make music and tour !!!!!! and dead Zeppelin does what ? I admit the stones are getting old and kinda washed up but Led Zeppelin have been done and over for decades

  • Andrew

    First of all LZ idiots why don’t you read the article, Mick did not make any derogatory comments on the mighty overrated LZ! Stones & Beatles destroy LZ, their is no comparison, Stones have more hits in one album then LZ have on all of their albums combined. Everyone one on this planet knows who jagger & Stones are and their brand is far more lucrative then LZ, just compare their net worth! I used to like LZ, but when I noticed how hostile and crazy defensive their fans are I stopped listening to them!

    • baddaddyspank

      You stopped listening to a band that you liked because of their fans? That is just wrong in so many ways. I decide what I listen too based on the quality, enjoyment and overall appreciation of music. A couple of A-hole fans are not going to deter me from that.

      • Andrew

        Honestly Robert Plant’s screeching vocals didn’t help either, and neither did the stealing of songs without property crediting the writers. But, I do love his solo albums , especially the first 3

  • john

    It’s very nearly impossible this many years later to understand how new and different Zeppelin 1 was from anything that had come before it. To people like Jagger and Harrison, both of whom are more ‘pop’ than rock, it must have sounded (at first hearing) like a huge wall of noise. Considering that Jagger pulled many strings to attend Zep’s 07 concert I have to assume that his initial impression wasn’t permanent.

    • Stan Clare

      Could say the same thing about Sabbath bloody Sabbath ..then came Bowie .. Zeppelin some would say was a rip off from Jeff Becks power trio which had come together prior

  • Tim

    “The Rolling Stones, without a doubt, are The Greatest Rock & Roll Band In The History Of Rock & Roll!”.
    I said that. 🙂

  • Tim

    Led Zep is a fine group. They’re just not in my top 10.
    The Stones
    The Kinks
    The Who
    The Doors
    Jimi Hendrix
    Bad Company
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    ZZ Top
    Besides, Kashmir gives me a headache. Seriously. :p

    • 민기

      No one cares about your top 10.

    • chlyn001

      ELO, Queen…seriously?

      • Tim

        Yes, if you have some spare time just check out ELOs CD/Album ‘All Over the World: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra’. As far as Queen is concerned, ‘A Night At The Opera’, and ‘The Game’ CD/Album mixed with a few songs from ‘News Of The World’ CD/Album and you got some good listening going on. Have a great day.

        • chlyn001

          Sorry, and maybe it’s just me, but I never cared much for either. Well, maybe a few ELO songs were OK.

  • 민기

    Butthurt led zep fan boys cry lol
    They are thief band

  • John Ricci

    I was never a big Led Zep fan, although I think they were creative and talented. Just wasn’t my style. I can definitely see Jagger not getting Led Zep as their musical philosophies are so different, but then I’m still not a big Stones fan either. I’m a bit surprised that Harrison supposedly didn’t get Zep because he was at least open-minded toward a lot of different genres of music. Of course, these are the recollections of a recording engineer 50 years later, so I suspect this is a bit exaggerated and sensationalized at best, and completely inaccurate at worst.

    • swimologist

      Don’t be so sure about inaccurate. Townshend said the same thing in a interview. Said he likes the guys, just not the music. I can’t understand that

      • John Ricci

        Me neither. Go figure, except that there are a lot of large egos involved here.

  • RC Tod

    Why the battle? “Led Zep sucks!…..No Stones suck! No…you suck!” Its all kinda stupid. The reason we have so many different types of music is because “Individuals” are just that….Individual. I say thank God we had the Stones, Beatles, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Santana, Stevie Ray, Beach Boys, Queen….thank God we had all of them. Each was very different, and very influential and I have all of them in my music collection. How horrifically boring it would be to only have Stones music or Only Led Zep style music. Hooray for the variety!

    • John Ricci

      I absolutely agree. I’m an older musician and still actively playing in rock bands — and playing songs by bands that I was not a big fan of at the time, but still have fun playing the music now. Variety is a great thing. These bands were all ground-breaking in their own ways. And there are still some really good bands out there, however a lot of the popular music I hear these days has been ruined by digital loops and auto-tuned vocals. It’s formula music and it sells — but most of it is not very creative. There is no comparison between a lot of these bands and ANY of the bands like Led Zep, Stones, Beatles, Moody Blues, Kinks, King Crimson, ELO, ELP, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd…

      • RC Tod

        I play guitar. And, I’m a legend in my living room! Hahaha……Honestly, I been playing for decades. about 50 of them to be exact! I teach guitar , or should say “did” at one time. One thing I learned and continue to learn is the raw talent these bands had. Let any of us today try to write the classics they wrote, or come up with riffs you recognize with one note or one chord. The “Beatles Chord”. Pages opening riff to Black Dog. Clapton and the first notes of Layla, The opeing chords or rifss of Richards, Just one note of anything by Santana or Gilmore and you know who it is and what song. I love them all, and they gave tremendously to the world of music. And sadly today , there just are not that many original composers out there. Like you said, loops, drum tracks, auto tuned vocals. That’s not music.

        • John Ricci

          We must be about the same age…and attitude, only I’m a piano/organ/synth player. That “raw talent” can never be recreated. Those musicians invented a new kind of music that changed the world. I often find that when I’m trying to figure out how to play one of these classics, I ask myself how did they come up with that?” Jeez, I wish I could compose music like that! And they made it sound easy!

          • RC Tod

            Age 63. I got to live during the greatest time in music. I have often thought the same, How did they come up with that!?! I try , but nothing! But its fun to try. Its funny too. I came from a High School that produced a lot of people that were really great success stories. One of the guys was with U2 before they were great and well known, then he went to the Punk scene and played with those guys, Sex Pistols etc. Sadly he had a stroke recently and cannot play anymore. But, he really has some great stories! We had another very famous band come from our school. She has gone solo now, her brother who was in the band in the beginning and on the first album,writes and animates for Television shows and Disney. And there were many others too. Hahaha…then there was me….well you know the saying about “Teachers” …..but hey! I had great students, got to bring a few names into town when I booked concerts for a while. It was a blast and I love the music of that time! I dont get the internet wars about who was great or not, who was better than who….Looking back after having lived it…They were all GREAT!!! All a part of my life, and still are! Yea, we got to grow up in the greatest time for music!

          • John Ricci

            I thought so. I’m 63 too. We lived through the same great stuff. The best time to grow up with music! And I’m a teacher too, but not music. I don’t get into the internet wars either. I guess we just both grew up in the golden age of tolerance (and s_x,drugs, and rock and roll!)

        • sharkguitar

          The opening riff on Layla is Duane Allman. I’ve been playing since 1965 myself. I realized that recording music was a waste of effort in 2002 when Clapton, McCartney and Jagger had CD’s out and between the three of them couldn’t sell a million copies but I still like making some noise.

          • michaelagilchrease


          • John Ricci

            Don’t look now, but you cap lock is down. Go play somewhere else and stop purposely trying to annoy people.

          • Jimmy Lubin

            He should go play on a HIGHWAY!!!😎😁😎 friggin MoRoN!!

          • Fast2Furious

            You can curse on the internet it won’t break. Just stop shouting you dumb fuck.

          • Stan Clare


          • sharkguitar

            Well said!

          • Mike Heath

            Go and have a nice long cold shower buddy

        • Hugh_Mann73

          Holy crap this guy is 50 decades old. 500 years!

        • Stan Clare

          50 decades or years ..lol ..and I hate the old stuff is the only stuff argument ..I was in my living room watching the night the Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan show . And knew as a kid things were gonna change in a hurry .. but if all u will listen to is songs from that era your missing so much great music .. and it’s why I feel YouTube is Friggin awesome .. bands such as Seether ..Nine Inch Nails ..Stone Sour .. The Foo Fighters .. The Pretty Reckless .. Linken Park .. Shine Down .. Metallica .. The Airbourne Toxic Event ..Apoliptica .. and so many more are continually producing absolutely great music and yes there are dozens of the corporate maid bands when one purpose .. but these bands live in the spirit of what great music should always be about .. a story ..a belief .. a passion .. thought today’s bands have a lot of built up angst and rage in their music and who can blame them as the world after a short period of opening up is back to building walls and fortifying borders ..auto tune ..not very likely

          • RC Tod

            Were not taking away from those bands at all. Only those that are using pre-made loops and fixing a bad voice with studio effects. I think you know who they are if you appreciate bands such as you listed. What were saying it it was great to live through the time when those that paved the way for Seether ..Nine Inch Nails ..Stone Sour .. The Foo Fighters .. The Pretty Reckless .. Linken Park .. Shine Down .. Metallica .. The Airbourne Toxic Event ..Apoliptica were laying that ground work. I like the bands you listed, here. Plus some of my other favorites are Kamelot, Epica and yea, Seether. All music came from other music. But the innovation that paved the way for the great bands today are those like the Stones, Led Zepplin, etc. And, if you listen closely you’ll find that Blues artists from the 30’s on paved the way for the Stones and Led Zepplin. Black Dog by Zep is a classic blues form. But, folks like Zepplin and the Stones and all the others took it to new places. The bands you mentioned are building on that. I think what we are saying is we appreciate all music,but haev a hard time appreciating “Factory Made” music. And again, if you appreciate the bands you listed, then you know who I am talking about.

          • Stan Clare

            Yeah you pretty much nailed it as to how it is but again there are so many people who refuse to listen to anything else except music from the 60’s and 70’s ..there is is doubt that the music of the t time was awesome and so very fresh seemingly .. but I am gonna bet like myself there was a ton of Motown in ur libraries mixed in with the big bands who backed up the likes of Sinatra ..Martin..Crosby ..Margaret ..and Cline .. it’s the love that was instilled from the start that enables me to appreciate most of what has followed .. in the beginnings of the rap movement or even punk there was no way I would even consider listening to either genres .. now both take up large chunks of my playlists .. Eminem and Rhianha have produced a few classic tunes which now gives them honours amount the best duets ever if not the best .. and it is a lesson that is needed to be drilled into every soul on earth that apples to all things ..with. an open mind u can discover how amazing anything can be ..peace bro

          • Mike Jonstone

            I get it but there are things that separate lz from the rest; the rain song, bronyaurstomp, heartbreaker, the crunge, boogie with stu, down by the seaside, communication breakdown….
            The diversity in music that lz encompassed was amazing. The arrangements and just incredible total songs placed the band on another level. The stones, beatles and the who all had their signature style and their breaks from their main genre and all had great original stuff.
            A major contrast between the 60’s/70’s musicians and more recent bands is that due to their originality, when these groups played outside their main sound, the resulting music was original whether it was in another category or stand alone such as down by the seaside or in carousel-ambra.

          • Andrew

            I think the band with the most diversity is the Stones, they’ve done authentic sounding reggae songs like HeyNegrita, Cherry oh Baby, Crackin Up, to , country songs like Wild Horses, You got the Silver, Faraway Eyes,,Disco dance songs like Hot Stuff, Miss You and Emotional Rescue, hard rockers like If you can’t rock me, Can’t you hear me knocking, Bitch, they had much more dynamic in their music and sounded completely different from album to album.. I think LZ didn’t really evolve like that,, They just started to touch on it during ‘In through the out door’ and Robert Plant totally mixed it up and put out some great albums.

          • Mike Jonstone

            Although I appreciate the stones and their eclectic songs, the point I was presenting was that what lz did was not only branch into other genres, which is what the bands named did, but they created non-genre songs that stand on their own that defy categorizing, brilliantly and with incredible proficiency. The other bands, talented in their own right, were not as stacked in more ways than one when it came to instrument profiency and songwriting as it applies to non-conforming music. Lz shined in this aspect. Nailing other genres outside of your own is trying but creating genre-less/stand alone music that is just as palatable also is a hallmark of the 60’s/70’s. Newer bands from the 80s on are much more formulaic, rarely venturing outside their known sound and if they do, not very far at all. They don’t create stand alone/genre-less music to coincide with their sound either out of fear or lack of talent/vision. Not a knock on anyone but it is what contrasts the creative times vs the $ cookie cutter stupidity that sells as genres today. I play guitar and am guilty of the same. I grew up in the 70s/80s and although i enjoy the creative music, I cannot come up with anything outside of the 80s to present metal guitar sound. I enjoy listening to some pop as it has aome eclectic

          • Andrew

            You can say the same about Sabbath, and Purple, I would lump those groups with LZ, Beatles & Stones do not apply to any bands before or after. The Stones layed the blueprint for modern rock, without them their wouldn’t of been a Yardbirds, Jeff Beck Group, LZ and Who. and much more.. they were the first rock group to turn the world onto Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, etc..and expose all those obscure blues artists., while being current in popular culture and music ,
            Stones absorbed culture of the genre they were playing, still do and manage to keep their signature sound(Keith tunings etc),
            their not emulating . They would record a country influenced song at Muscle Schoals, or Memphis etc, same with Reggae influenced songs, recorded in Jamaica. what you’re saying about LZ truly applies to Stones,. Keep in mind when LZ 1 came out, the Stones already released, Satusfaction, Paint it Black, Street Fighting Man, Honky Tonk Woman, Gimme Shelter, Sympathy for the Devil, Ruby Tuesday, Get IOff Of My Cloud, Little Red Rooster, As Tears Go By, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Jumping Jack Flash, and more….just think how quickly they changed from year to year sonically and artistically . In my opinion I think LZ did not evolve like the Beatles or Stones,, and their production (to me) is monotonous with the same big reverbed drum production, ironically some LP’s recorded in Jaggers house using The Rolling Stones mobile. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge LZ fan, Jimmy is an amazing guitarist and producer what he did with overlaying guitars and production was very cool. Rock on

          • Mike Jonstone

            I like some purple and sabbath but dont know of any songs by them that stretch their talent so far and wide amongst genres. I know the stones were more adventurous but they were more limited to a rock/pop type…which is not a dig on them. Reggae is not a type of music known for taking talent to play so I dont really value it in this discussion. The stone’s songs, and I dont know their whole catalogue, are very recognizable music-wise for the most part. I find their songs to be a quick, straightforward type of rnr…and I like it. I even like shes a rainbow for the energy. Lol
            I dont know of any rain song type of masterpieces in the bands listed which is the diverse type of production I am speaking about. The softness and orchestratic music building up to a climax then dropping back down to a surreal calm ending is an example of a band that is not bound whatsoever by a genre. I dont think plant’s voice is the best, nor page’s guitar, jpj’s bass or bonham’s percussion were prodigious either but they each were excellent at there craft and when joined together, their individual elements combined to break the limited trick rock band mold.

          • Mike Heath

            LZ copied far too many blues based songs (I won’t get into the Stairway to Heaven argument) which takes the edge off some of their work. All groups when starting have influences TheBeatles and The Stones did many cover versions but did not plagiarise in the way that Zep did.

          • Mike Jonstone

            I agree with the plagiarism bs. 100%.
            Funny thing is that I dont like the songs lz stole and didn’t credit or pay royalties for. I find dazed boring and whiny, stairway boring, whole lotta love is a crappy and bad song all the way through, including the solo (i like the solo’s tone but it is pedestrian). Custard pie is basic and not too good.
            I wont go into depth but I think lz was better for their originals than their popular songs. And I do believe that page stole stairway due to the evidence. Not just the music but the fact they toured with the band that wrote it just before they did. Its too close to say page didnt take it or was influenced by it but as with his already musical kleptomaniac habits in force, he is convicted.
            The theivery does not affect the fact that lz’s originals stand on their own or that without the stolen songs/music, lz were still beyond most in genre-crossing and genre-less music writing.
            On a different but relatable note, ozzy doesn’t write lyrics or music or play an instrument and stole from his own band. Harris from iron maiden is known to be a big plagiar also. Elvis didn’t write his own either but was in on the arrangements and played guitar. Just crazy how people leave their integrity at the door while accepting/chasing rewards for their shytty behavior. I wouldn’t mind seeing ozzy go through some poverty if he is the big assclown that the evidence points to and if page did steal stairway, then a nice dose of reality for a**holes should be shoved in his mouth. If you have the ways/means to remedy the trail of mistakes you have made during your lifetime, you should…the golden rule always applies.

          • Mike Heath

            completely agree. The Santana sounding Time Waits For No One is much underrated and you didn’t even mention The Blues – too many examples here

        • Jim Barfield

          Dang dude how have you managed to live 500 years? I didn’t know this classic rock was that old but keep on doing what you’re doing man and share your secret so other people can live so long!!

          • RC Tod

            Preservatives. Screw that health food crap, eat lots of artificial foods. The preservatives in them will keep you young forever! I mean, look at an old package of Twinkies.

    • menotu000

      “Variety is the spice of life” ~ Dr. Octavius

    • Stan Clare

      Right on .. and go further with genres .. to love music you should be open to all the influences that there is to offer … although rock will always be my favorite play anything but disco and I’ll listen .. and please don’t say anything but there may be one or two disco tunes I don’t mind also ..

  • jackalope

    Both bands were/are AWESOME! If you must hate a band, how about Journey? Or Styx. Now those are bands worthy of your hate.

    • Joel

      Thank you! I can’t stand Journey,

      • Stan Clare

        Tho Neal Shuon .. can’t spell ..so what ..the guitarist that laid down one of the most memorable riffs in music is an incredible talent ..anybody remember Journey before what’s his name joined ..

  • Randythescumbag

    I didn’t like Led Zeppelin the first time I heard them either .. who cares ? Who likes anything the first time they heard it? Another non-story to fill up never-ending feed on on your phone.

  • Richard Landais

    The quote in the title of the article is either editorially sloppy, a click-baiting manipulation, or a lie.

  • Ted Boyer

    I remember a long long time ago, someone asked Mick Jagger what it takes to make a great rock band- he said, ” three chords and a lot of energy”

  • MWPP294

    I was never that big of a Rolling Stones fan myself.

    • swimologist

      They had a couple okay radio hits after Exile on Main Street, but they were pretty much done by 1972

  • gapeterson

    Alternative nation’s use of “click bait” such as this headline is “AWFUL”

  • Andy Starr

    all cause charlie wasn’t close to john when it came to BIG drums

  • Richard

    Scrolling through all the responses, it really comes down to what do YOU prefer to spend time listening to? Reality is, both the Beatles and Rolling Stones were at the forefront of a major shift in popular music– adding an amazing catalog of creative music. Led Zeppelin was actually cobbled together to create a “super group” (just like many in that time, such as Blind Faith, Cream, etc.). It was a deliberate effort to make a group rather than a group coming together more naturally. Some people swear Zep is the greatest, others swear at them and say they were awful. It’s all dependent on personal perspective. Time will show who was great and who falls short of greatness…

  • disqus_YxOFq0ONYx

    Hey…Get Yer Ya Yas out man..
    Beatles changed the culture.,
    The rest rode the wave.
    Probably not fair for criticism to em all…
    Even the one hit wonders really gave it out..

    Good news! All this neat streaming stuff is fantastic…
    Push a button and any song plays..

    Revisiting Tull and various albums not too familiar with now..
    Note: alot of these guys could be as##h#les many times..

    Rock on

  • Thatmanstu

    It may not have been their cup of tea, but it wasn’t awful by any metric. Then or now.

  • Brad Swann

    Harrison and Jagger are not allowed to have different musical tastes than the next guy? I for one, am very grateful to have grown up with all this great music. Beatles, Stones, Zep, The Who, Floyd, Cream, Blind Faith, The Doors, Jimi, Janis and on and on! Thank you ALL.

  • michaelagilchrease


  • Another misleading headline. Disappointing again. Should do better!

  • NYC1977

    So 50 years ago he thought it was awful. Big deal.

  • Stone Gossardish

    Amazing to miss on Led Zeppelin I.

  • Doug McCarthy

    You got to admit though. This is coming from a Band leader who said Zep ruined their good time when the Stones could get wasted,got play live for a half hour or so and then continue their party. Then some new band comes along playing 2 hour, 3 hour concerts and forced the Stones to have to “keep up”….Also I loved George but face it. When the beatles had a difficult guitar piece to record John did it because George couldnt! So what do you expect

  • ConservativeIQZero

    I saw the Stones on Ed Sullivan and talk about sucking the big one live. I saw Zep in concert in 1971 a concert where the introduced Stairway acoustically an they were great .