Metallica Call Out Brutal Screw Up By Ex-Bandmate


Lars Ulrich recently wrote about the first ever Metallica gig, and he has shared additional details, including an embarrassing screw up by ex-bandmate Dave Mustaine.

“1st gig ever. Very nervous. Only band. Dave broke a string on the first song. Played so-so! Went down pretty good.”

Ulrich also recently confirmed his involvement in the ‘Triple Frontier’ film.

Check out #TripleFrontier, which starts streaming on #Netflix today.

Director JC Chandor, who I’ve admired for his previous films and gotten to know over the years, called me up and asked if I would contribute to the movie. The marching orders… Thunderous drums to back up the score in certain sequences. I’m in!! Had some fun for a coupla days in December laying down ‘thunderous drums’ on top of @dzasterpeace’s brilliant existing stems of music and score … and it’s turned out really fuckin’ cool.

So if you’re in the mood for a clever, intelligent, suspenseful, well-cast action thriller with an unusual amount of smarts and depth, and the occasional “thunderous drums”, go find @TripleFrontier.. streaming on your device of choice via @Netflix and in select theaters now. Happy days!

#wanna #thunderousdrums #disasterpeace #triplefrontier #netflix.”

You can view Ulrich’s Triple Frontier Instagram post below.