Myles Kennedy Makes Bold Rage Against The Machine Claim


Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy discussed Rage Against The Machine on The Jasta Show, when asked what song pumps him up.

“Gosh, there are just so many. Pretty much the entire Rage Against the Machine catalog.”

I would not expect that, I thought you were gonna say like [Ted Nugent’s] ‘Stranglehold’ or something.
“No. I appreciate that, and [Nugent’s] ‘Great White Buffalo’ – that was cool. But, yeah, to me, Rage, as far as just getting you amped…

“‘Killing in the Name,’ I mean, come on, it doesn’t get any better than that.

“I’ve seen them a few times in concert, and it was just like a religious experience. I’ll never forget when they first got back together and started doing some shows.

“It must have been like 2007-8, and they were doing a festival in Austria, 80,000 folks in the crowd, and all the bands were, of course, side-stage – because they wanted to see this.

“And they started playing, and the volume was like stunned, it was so loud! It was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard. And so a bunch of us are on the side, and David Duran is standing right in front of me, and midway through the first song, the crowd is just bouncing.

“David just turns around looks at me and goes, ‘School is now in session.’ And I was just like, ‘Yes, sir, they’re the masters.’ It was incredible.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.