Dave Grohl’s Recent Horrifying Near Death Experience Revealed


Dave Grohl celebrated his birthday last weekend in Hawaii, but he and many feared it could have been his last after Hawaii suffered a huge security error.

There was an early morning emergency alert was sent to mobile phones across the Hawaii islands warning of a “ballistic missile threat,” telling inhabitants to “seek immediate shelter.” Many feared North Korea and its leader Little Rocket Man had sent an ICBM to Hawaii, and that horrific death and destruction was imminent.

An Instagram photo shared by Tracy Gitnick from the Four Season Resort, Hualalai sees the rocker posing with pals, along with the caption: “Starting off our day in Hawaii with a minor missile crisis. #HawaiiMissileCrisis18”

After about 30 minutes, Hawaii residents and tourists received a followup text stating that it was a false alarm.

Grohl has made it back safely to Los Angeles though, as a new photo has surfaced of the Foo Fighters frontman with Taylor Hawkins, Muse drummer Dominic Howard, and Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin.

The photo is captioned by Howard: “4 nerds..” followed by a drum emoji.

4 nerds.. ?

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