New Pearl Jam Song Featured In TV Commercial


Members of the Pearl Jam Ten Club forums are reporting that Pearl Jam’s new 2018 single “Can’t Deny Me” is featured in the TBS baseball playoffs commercial for the American League. This is the first time “Can’t Deny Me” has been featured on television since its release earlier this year.

Eddie Vedder is a huge baseball fan, with the Chicago Cubs being his favorite team. Pearl Jam also recently played Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, and Safeco Field. They even threw out the first pitch at a recent Seattle Mariners game.

A couple of months ago, 670 The Score and CBS Sports are reporting that Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon was recently sending Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder daily Cubs lineups while he was on tour in Europe.

Joe Maddon is known for his eccentricities as a manager. Who could forget the time that he brought penguins in to relax in the Rays’ clubhouse? With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a shock that he’s sending Pearl Jam front-man Eddie Vedder the Cubs’ daily lineup while Pearl Jam tours in Europe. And yet, it’s still enough to make you do a double-take.

You can’t deny Maddon and Vedder’s history together. Here’s a phenomenal video of the Cubs’ manager playing the tambourine on-stage alongside Vedder and Cubs executive Theo Epstein while Pearl Jam plays “Keep on Rocking the Free World” at The Metro in Chicago in 2016.

670 The Score tweeted, “Joe Maddon has been sending his daily #Cubs lineup to Eddie Vedder while Pearl Jam is on tour in Europe.”

“Can’t Deny Me” is the only new Pearl Jam song released in the last five years, and when released earlier this year, it was said it would appear on the band’s new album, which has yet to come out but is expected in 2019. Eddie Vedder recently said at Pearl Jam’s last 2018 show that the band wouldn’t play live for awhile, and the next time they’d play together would be in the studio.

  • PhoenixForce5

    Can’t Deny Me was a horrible song.

    • makingconnections

      Oh well–they’ve got many amazing songs to their credit. Who cares about people’s personal preference at this stage?

      • Ellemelle

        I agree with you completely…amazing collection…

  • Stone Gossardish

    I hope it’s just the music bed.

    Can’t we just put this song away for good? Just forget about it.

  • TheTruth

    God, I hate click-bait. But here I am….each day coming to this site to maybe get the scoop on a Pearl Jam U.S. tour or new album news.
    And Can’t Deny Me is just awful. Sometimes weak PJ songs translate better live…..but I saw it Chicago in August and it just suuuucks.

    • Corndog

      Where was the clickbait? The title said PJ songs featured in a tv advert, and that is what the article was about.

      As for Can’t Deny Me. I completely agree. It’s one of the worst things they have ever recorded, and it just gets worse live. Absolutely terrible song. Olé is like 100% better than that piece of crap.

      • TheTruth

        The title says “New Pearl Jam song…” Can’t Deny Me came out in March. You know da*n well they meant to imply that a NEW…unheard…song was being used.

        I do like your Ole comparison, however….I didn’t think it could get worse than that, but they did.

        • Corndog

          It just meant new as in newest; their latest song. I’m sure if you asked any of the folks on this site what the ‘new’ PJ song is they’d say it was Can’t Deny Me. I don’t see this as being clickbait but I’m happy to agree to disagree:)

  • Michael Barton

    Eddie is a bitch who can no longer sing…just whine and cry. #HASBEEN

  • Corndog

    If that song comes on TV and someone asks me about it i’m going to be all like ‘Pearl who? Never heard of them!’ 🙂