Rush Singer Disgusting Eating Photo Revealed


Rush singer Geddy Lee was photographed eating chicken by a fan at a recent Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Yankees baseball game. A fan named Jonathan Goldberg tweeted, “Unfortunately the cholesterol is getting….(Don’t say it) closer to the heart. (Ok I’m leaving).” Geddy Lee was disrespected by a big name on television during the game. fans commented on the sighting of Geddy at the game. J2112YYZ said, “I love how Michael Kay acts all surprised when Cone mentions Geddy being there. Kay has been the Yankees TV play by play announcer forever now and he really didn’t know about Geddy being at the Jays games?”

ytserush wrote, “Not a baseball fan, but this isn’t the first time I’ve stalked Geddy on TV. Don’t know the guy on the left (although I’ve seen him before with Geddy) but the guy on the right is his brother.”

An eerie Neil Peart photo was recently revealed. Geddyleegenes chimed in on Geddy, “I’ve been waiting years now for the Chicago Cubs to play the Jays in Toronto just to get a Geddy sighting. Finally, there are three games scheduled for next August 14th, 15th and 16th, 2020. That’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Geddy got into baseball by watching Cubs games on WGN America during concert tours. Supposedly because there was nothing else to do. So I would think he’ll be there for those. OH NO! WHAT IF RUSH IS TOURING THEN??? Thanks for posting this.” Geddy Lee reacted to a fan who believed he winked at him recently.