New Stone Temple Pilots Frontman Revealed?


Word around L.A. is that Stone Temple Pilots are close to ending their worldwide search for a new frontman, and evidence points to Fillipino musician John Borja being the top candidate for the job.

While nothing will be 100% until an official announcement from the band itself, Borja indicated on Facebook that he took a trip to the United States in the first week of September, and posted a picture with STP bassist Robert DeLeo and Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen, who currently play together in the blues project Delta Deep, on his public Facebook account, meaning contact between the two is certainly in place. The photo was likely taken at a Delta Deep concert in San Juan Capistrano, CA earlier this week.


STP announced an ambitious open search for a frontman to succeed Chester Bennington and the late, great Scott Weiland in February. Another highly touted name from the auditions is former Fuel frontman Toryn Green, who commented on Borja’s Facebook post: “Ready to tear up the planet?” Green though admitted in the past that he hadn’t been contacted by STP.

You can check out Borja’s submission below, which is a medley consisting of several STP classics that reached 100k views on YouTube.

  • Raj

    He does the old songs justice, he’s also got a bit of a growl to his voice. However, I want to see his originality come out and what songs and melodies he can come up with his voice instead of sounding like Scott. There’s a little bit at the end and it’s pretty different, Borja maybe better off starting his own band but if he was offered the STP gig he’s not turning it down.


    Suddenly I start to think in Mark Whalberg…

  • toko

    SMH. If this is so, Scott Weiland’s shoe’s became small. No disrespect to this guy I’m sure he just doin his thing. But looking at his Facebook page, they are making too much noise when we haven’t heard a thing from STP

  • Mike

    It sounds pretty decent but I get the feeling that that’s not his natural voice. He’s gonna be awesome if he ‘finds himself’ as a singer & doesn’t try to imitate Scott though, because you can tell he’s awesome at singing.

  • Eddie Yarler

    I really wish they’d just make it work with Chester. If they couldn’t (and wouldn’t) make it work with someone as famous as Scott, like Chester or Stapp respectively, than I’d assume they’d pick someone like Whitfield Crane or Vinnie Dombroski. Not exactly the most famous people, but they have vocal similarities to Scott, plus experience in the industry. Instead they are just taking a huge leap of faith by picking a complete unknown and amateur. No disrespect to the candidates, but fronting STP will come with a ton of baggage that I don’t think they are prepared for.

    Chester was going up against Scott’s worst performances ever, and that STILL wasn’t good enough for many people. The poor soul they hire now has to go up against Scott’s entire legacy. Yikes.

    • Anonymous501

      The problem wish Chester was he already has a band. You could see that failing right from the beginning. STP was Chesters side project. I’m guessing the band wanted to play/record and Chester had difficultly meeting commitments of both bands.

      At this point I think STP should retire. Scott dismal performances shrunk them down to theatre/small arena shows. Even small theatre shows with Chester. They’re losing fans every step of the way, so at what point do you call it a day? I think they have the right to use the name, as their whole livelihood depends on it, but to ride it until it’s dead doesn’t seem the best way to go either.

      • Eddie Yarler

        I thought that too. “Linkin Park is my number one priority” is actually one of the first things he said after being hired. At this point I feel like he’s STP’s last chance though. I can’t see them making it work with a third frontman. Hopefully I’m wrong/

  • Hutttrash

    If I close my eyes forever
    Will it all remain unchanged?
    If I close my eyes forever
    Will it all remain the same?

    Close your eyes!
    Close your eyes!
    You gotta close your eyes for me.

  • Hutttrash

    This guy could be Scott Weiland

  • Billy

    i’m willing to give him a shot, i’d like to hear him do more than the staples first before being fully for or against him.

  • Corndog

    I wonder what his actual voice sounds like when he’s not doing his best Weiland impression….

  • This is the guy I think should be the next front man…He is amazing!

  • Corndog

    “He’s not singing there, he’s impersonating.”

    Agreed. Good impersonation, but still an impersonation.

  • Its Like hearing Scott but with something sexy new and fresh!

  • Junior Moore

    This band has become a joke. Please, just stop.

    • cmlukey

      Says the noted music critic. I can’t wait to see STP live again if they get a good front man given my affinity for their music. Whether it’s a “tribute” to Scott or a different direction. They better nail the selection, though.

      • Anonymous501

        I couldn’t really see it as a tribute though, because STP kicked Weiland out of the band and replaced him before he was dead. Yah Weiland was fucked up, but it shows they weren’t trying to honor his memory, they were trying to keep the STP gig going. I understand it. It’s hard to end up being in one big rock band let alone two. Both times they tried it (Talk Show, and Army of Anyone) it didn’t really pan out. They really only succeeded as STP, so they want to keep it going.

        I could see other bands doing tributes to Weiland, but not from the guys that booted him out? That’s just weird.

  • Chris Stewart

    God I hate this. Why guys? Don’t do what Journey did. I know you think you all have an equal part of STP and the majority of the group is still alive but the fans don’t want this. They just want to have the memories. Hey how about releasing some demos or live albums? Anything but this. It happened and some of us were lucky enough to be a part of it and we’ll always have the memories. Especially when we could count on seeing STP once a summer for a while there. Great memories and I’ll hold them dearly but you can’t go back.

  • cmlukey

    The guitar player is pretty good. STP is not the easiest stuff to play, not that he is taking on the most challenging solos. But given that it’s a voice audition, the guitar player should not be highlighted anyway. I’m a guitar player.

  • DaSheet

    A clean break is needed. Anyone with a sound remotely similar to Weiland will obviously engender comparisons and (in most circles) ridicule. The real need for this band is a lyricist. The DeLeos make great music but need original lyrics not a cipher.


    Or maybe its the color of his skin that ticks people off….???

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    I think it was just a meeting. They would not tell it if they did it.

  • Victor Charlie

    This kid is a voice .. just like Pineda
    but let’s face it … who’s buying new Journey material without Steve Perry
    yet they are raking it in on tour
    if STP does one tenth the business of Schon and his bandmates they will still pull in a big haul on the road and anything worthwhile from the studio will be an unexpected bonus
    it will never replace Scott .. ever … but it’s their band and a free country
    I wish them well

  • Gstate

    Damn wasn’t expecting him to be that good! Perfect early Scott baritone! Deleos, kretz- get this dude. I’m ready for a show!